Become a Part of the Future of English Learning: the RealLife Vision

futureFor the past year and a half, we’ve been pouring our blood [been working extremely hard and passionately] into what has grown into something we never even believed possible. It’s been an adventure creating this wonderful community, blog, and project: RealLife English, and we have you, our loyal readers and community members who have been here each step of the way, to thank.

Remember to read Imagining the Future of English Learning first, if you haven’t already

So today, we want to tell you a little bit more about why we created RealLife English, our vision, and how you can become a part of what’s next.

Why We Created RealLife

RealLife is of huge importance to us because it inspires both our personal and professional growth. It has given us the opportunity to develop as leaders and entrepreneurs, while making a living doing something we’re really passionate about.

Furthermore, we are invested in using Real Life English as a vehicle for making a positive impact on the world, and helping people everywhere grow as human beings, language learners, and world citizens.

From our experiences traveling and language learning, we have discovered the importance of not only proficient communication, which is just the tip of the iceberg [just the beginning], but also cultural understanding and developing a global perspective.

We believe that English is a universal key that opens virtually any door: people everywhere need to learn English; they’re willing to invest their time, attention, and money into quality products and services. However, although EFL is a multi-billion dollar industry, the quality of products and services is still inadequate.

The problem is that most EFL programs lack imagination, human contact, and they fail to engage the learner. To be fluent, English can’t just be an abstract subject that you study, it’s something you need to live.

So as teachers and learners, what can we do about it?

Armed with our experience as teachers and language learners, we’ve used RealLife English as a market research experiment, which we’ve integrated into everything we do.

This research has revealed a huge opportunity for an English learning resource that honors and empowers the modern, interconnected learner.

This idea is something we’re passionate about and it was born out of our natural experience doing things we not only enjoy, but things we do well: teaching, language learning, and community building.

Gradually, as we dedicated ourselves to our teaching, producing valuable content, serving our community, as well as learning about entrepreneurship, our purpose evolved in proportion to our vision, and we started to see the impact we could make on the world.

So, while our “why” for working on this project was simple and even selfish at the beginning, the entire process has transformed us and deepened our perspective at every step, as individuals, as a team, and as a community.

As we get prepared to take the next step in this revolutionary movement,  our vision suddenly shifts once again, as if this “why” was more of a life calling.

Become a Part of RealLife 2.0

You have a chance to become a next part in the RealLife Movement: our revolutionary, new platform that will change the way you learn English. All you have to do is give us your email, so we can inform you when it comes out early 2014.

The best part is that we’re going to give you, our loyal readers, lifetime VIP access for FREE. We are committed to making the best online and in-person language learning experience in the world.

So if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out on this opportunity! You only have until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday the 16th of October 2013 (BRT time).

This is just the beginning and we hope you will join us! Aww yeah!

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  • Vikash Kumar says:

    I am excited to be a member of this community.

    • Justin says:

      That’s awesome Vikash! It’s great to have you with us.

  • adonis says:

    I found in the RLE the way to improve my English skills, and I just can agree with this philosophy. As you see, these thoughts do make sense.
    Since I joined this awesome group, I realized the huge importance in to practice real English and I found a big support to practice English Language.
    If traditional schools don’t work, why not try new ways to develop our 2nd Language? It isn’t just about to know another language, it’s about improve our life.
    Go ahead guys! I wish success for RLE!!

    • Justin says:

      Thanks a lot Adonis! You’re a class act and inspiration to us.

  • Nany says:

    I want to learn more how improve my english even all people around me dont speak english . How i join this group what is the best strateges to flunt english