Beyond Borders 12: How Is Learning By Ear the Secret to Success in English Fluency? | Idahosa from the Mimic Method

Idahosa Ness is a polyglot, musician, and founder of The Mimic Method for learning languages. After traveling to Mexico at the age of 17 without knowing a word of Spanish, and struggling to connect with locals, he worked hard to perfect his accent by understanding the sonority of the language. He created The Mimic Method and used this approach to learn five other languages. He is oftentimes mistaken as a native speaker of the languages he has learned. Since then, he has helped lots of students to use principles of music to perfect their pronunciation in order to help them overcome the language barriers while building meaningful relationships in a foreign language.

Idahosa has created a truly revolutionary method for learning languages. It is probably the exact opposite of how you have been told to learn English your entire life. I truly recommend you listen to this episode until the end, If you can take some notes, and try at least one of his recommendations. Idahosa explains how he reactivates a language when he needs to start using it again. We talked about his unique approach for learning vocabulary, which is completely personalized to the learner’s needs and goals. As well as why you don’t need to worry about learning grammar. Idahosa says that awareness is foundational. It can help you to overcome fear, awkwardness, and frustration when speaking. He explains how. He discussed how the international phonetic alphabet can be a useful tool to use to create a map of what accurate speaking and listening look like. And he explained why it is never too late to start using this method. No matter where you are on your learning journey, you can use his Mimic Method and the tips you are about to hear to improve your English listening and speaking. That and so much more on Episode 12 of Beyond Borders!

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