#205: American Elections, Politics, and the Danger of Social Media

With the US elections right around the corner, we get deep into the American political situation in this episode. You’ll learn some vocabulary related to the elections that’s will be useful if you would like to keep updated with what’s happening in the political scene in the US. Also, we discuss other social issues such as the Coronavirus, climate change and how social media influences and manipulates you.


  • American Elections
  • “The Social Dilemma,” Climate change

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Conspiracy theory
  • Toddler
  • Figure head
  • A shoo-in
  • To swing (a “swinging” state)
  • Absentee
  • Mail-in ballot
  • Rigged
  • Polls
  • Behind/ahead on the polls
  • Tally
  • Malicia
  • Front-runner
  • Inauguration day
  • To be sworn in (as president)
  • Meddle

Quick Definitions:

  • “We got elbow-deep in politics”: we discuss this topic in detail, extensively.
  • “This is a bit heavier than our regular podcasts” = there’s more information than usual.
  • Keep it up!: we say this encourage someone to keep doing a good job.
  • “when babies are in the phase of being completely helpless: not able to do anything without their parents help.
  • “the bulk of today’s lesson”: the most significant part of the lesson.
  • “You have to get the Queen’s seal of approval: if someone gives you their seal of approval, they accept what you have done.
  • “(The Queen) is there as a placeholder” = she’s there just to occupy a formal or official position.
  • “The democrats are the asses”: ass is another word for donkey.
  • Like-minded people” = people who think like you.
  • “The US is retreating from the world stage”: to move away from something. The US is not participating anymore.
  • “to bash the other candidate”: to criticize someone.
  • Pay forward: to do something nice for someone because someone else did something nice for you

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  • Sivaja siva says:

    Nice experience

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    Awww yeah! Thank you! I love you all

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    Is very important for to learn this language , thank very much

  • Henry says:

    Wonderfully experience

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    I thinking the curse is beautiful by in general people

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    So far so good this very importent lesson

  • Naveta says:

    Your provide in pdf this podcast.

  • Sergius says:

    Guys, you do not understand what youre talking about. You are to young to talk about politics! It just looks like you have been paid by democrats to spread the lay about meddling American and British elections by Russian Government.
    Can you realise that majority of the people do not want to be global sitizens? Most of the people want live in their own contries, have normal family where normal mom and dad…

  • Jorge E Valdiriz says:

    Great enlightening podcast! Keep it up, guys

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    Hı, guys u r so amazing, ı lıke ur English & ı wısh ı can improve my English with you

  • Prabash says:

    I find it bit difficult to follow Justin’s talk,may be he is little fast but Ethen and Andrea speak very clearly so that I don’t feel I’m listening to a foreign language.this is not to be offended but to help everyone.i like Justin’s other videos.But combination of all three are good for learner like me.

  • Celeste says:

    I really like all your content. You are the best at this. I love you all. 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    First off, I want to say that American political system isn’t perfect, to say mildly. Why am I claiming so? Well, because it’s definitely not good when citizens in your country are divided into several opposite groups who don’t undestand each other at all, unfortunately, we have the same thing, that’s why I’m saying that it is not good at all. For me, it’s a big problem to participate in the elections because I don’t trust any of them, I mean, of course, candidates. But on the other hand, I understand that if you don’t engage in that, then you don’t change anything, you allow these scumbags to decide how you will live in our own country and that’s makes me mad. I do believe that everyone’s voice is important, but when you don’t trust politicians it becomes a problem, at least for me.