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    Right on point

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  • Ethan Zinho says:

    Thank you! That makes me really happy 🙂

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  • Bonk ….and Jump .Though they were universal !

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  • LizJR says:

    Another (mildly comical) synonym is “bonk”. Like “bang” but less hardcore, as it were.

  • disqus_MvfiLHBYz1 says:

    Here’s a couple you missed: a poke, and ye ole in-out-in-out.

  • Stephen Davis says:

    How about doing the deed, synchronizing hubs where the rubber meets the road, and putting the icing on the cake??

  • Aura says:

    Whats another slang term for sperm all i can think of is load.

    • Michelle Dufrene says:

      Here’s a few:
      baby batter
      jerk sauce
      dick spit
      man blast
      penis pudding
      demon seed
      tit paste
      man goo

  • Alicia says:

    its awesome:)

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    Very nicely all word

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    what the hell

  • Jay says:

    You forgot one. Jizz

  • Deeper says:


    Drill and plough.

  • Dudette says:

    Someone once said he did the horizontal bop with a girl. I was young and had no idea at first what he was talking about. Haha!

    But, it’s definitely cute and orginal!

  • Bob Davies says:

    Also pop Percy in the pleasure pipe

  • Bob Davies says:

    Have some horizontal refeshment

  • Bob Davies says:

    Do some lab work

  • Bob Davies says:

    Pop the power piston in the pleasure pipe

  • Bob Davies says:

    Pot the pink, but don’t screw back for the brown unless we’ll lubed up

  • Bob Davies says:

    Ride, slide and glide in the pleasure pipe

  • Bob Davies says:

    Hump and pump; spurt, spunk and shoot

  • yesyesyes says:

    should add “dick appointment”

  • Faraday says:

    Frickle frackle

  • Kali Nyte says:

    Monster Mash (I’ve heard this used, as in Jim and Cathy did the horizontal Monster Mash.) (Vertical would be standing, of course.)

    Beast with two backs.

  • Rachel steel says:

    Leg over

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    It is informative & gives a chance to have glance at social & cultural practices in something very intimate.

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    Omg I’m definitely using some of this slang