3 Secrets for Better Learning

Something that very few schools teach is to have clearly defined goals when beginning to learn a language.

However, if you want to be successful it is extremely important! You have to know your WHY for learning this language (whether it’s because you like the culture, for a job, or if it’s because you like a guy or girl and you want to be able to communicate better with him or her).

You shouldn’t just have a goal; it’s also important to have a plan and a way to make yourself responsible for reaching your goal.

In this short article, I’m going to explain how I’m doing these three things in my 30-day challenge.

Llegeix-lo en català

Have a Goal

In the other day’s video, I explained to you my WHY for improving my level of Catalan. If you didn’t see that video, then click here to see it.

Make a Success Plan

Today I worked on organizing a plan for success. So, it’s just a weekly plan of what I will do each day. This way, I don’t have to think about it, I’ll already know my to-do for the day when I wake up.

plan for successHere you can see my plan:

Monday – Grammar/structure

Tuesday – Film a video or write an article

Wednesday – Publish a video

Thursday – Language exchange

Friday – Post an article

Saturday – Film a video

Sunday – More relaxed Catalan (for example: ready, watch series/movies, listen to/break down songs)


Every day – “Study” with Anki, read and get more vocabulary, listen to music, whatsapp

Make Yourself Accountable

Another important thing is having some way to make yourself accountable for reaching your goal. There are surely many ways to do this.

In the case of doing a challenge like I am, you should NEVER go to sleep without fulfilling your responsibility. You might you’ll sleep less, but atleast you’ll have the satisfaction of a greater wisdom of the language that you’re learning.

I’m going to recommend two ways to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goal.

  1. Create a log

I made myself a simple accountability log for the next 30 days of the challenge. There I have the day, the activities that I completed that day, and the approximate time. You can see it here

You can see that there are days in which I completed more than an hour, but I never go to sleep without doing at least the minimum.

  1. Get accountability partners

accountabilityMaybe you have some friend who also wants to learn or improve a language. So, why don’t you hold each other responsible? It’s much more probable that you’ll be successful if you have someone doing it with you and who is holding you accountable because you won’t want to let each other down.

I have two. They aren’t learning Catalan, but rather English and Spanish. Anyway, this way, we’ll make sure that we’re all doing our work.


If you do these three things that I recommended then it’s MUCH more probable that you will achieve your goal.

I believe that you can do it, so go ahead!

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