3 English Learning Blogs Every Brazilian Should Discover

Do you think that your English learning experience could be much more engaging, effective, and autonomous?

Do you have the feeling that most textbooks don’t really understand the teaching and learning difficulties encountered by Brazilians?

Let’s fix that today.

Here are 3 amazing blogs that can help you to take your English to the next level, AND have fun doing it:

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Since we started the RLE blog a little over three months ago, we’ve had the pleasure of exploring, becoming fans of, and sharing with the Real Life International English Community a lot of really good English learning and teaching blogs for Brazilians, many of which we’ll profile in the coming weeks and months.

However, these 3 blogs, and their respective communities, are the pioneers of a new digital era of online English learning in Brazil, with over 25 years of combined wisdom neatly organized on their web sites for your learning and enjoyment.

They promote not just a new way of learning English here in Brazil, but a new way of thinking, which shows you how to learn and teach English not as a dry school subject, but as a digital lifestyle that inspires and supports your whole life.

Not only are these sites overflowing with so much high quality and free content, but most of it is written with linguistic mastery, cultural insight, and a deep understanding of the many uniquely Brazilian challenges of learning English.

We encourage you to check these blogs out, and if you like what you see, connect, explore, and take full advantage of them!

*Listed in the order that RLE discovered them.  They are all awesome, in different ways, and RLE is a fan of each!

English Experts

ENGLISH EXPERTS is an essential resource for anyone learning or teaching English in Brazil. It was the first major Brazilian ESL blog that RLE discovered, and it has been an immeasurable help for us. With a vision for English learning that we really identify with (focusing on collaboration, daily contact, community/ relationships, and self-directed learning) these guys are constantly challenging us to be a better teachers, language learners, bloggers and community builders. Their multi-faceted blog has a ton of useful and clear information about learning English, including:

  • A BLOG that includes insightful articles, tips, and a constant stream of helpful advice, in addition to huge support for English learners and teachers, coming from people who really are experts on English.
  • FORUMS ranging from false cognates, to song lyrics, to study abroad information, and Portuguese tips for foreigners (and many more topics).
  • A CHAT FEATURE that enables you to chat, have fun, get to know people from all around the world, and experience English in a much more social context.

A great deal of the content is written by project founder, Alessandro Brandão (A self-taught fluent English speaker from Minas Gerais), and a selection of English teacher collaborators (including many native speakers) who voluntarily guest post on a regular basis. I highly recommend checking English Experts out (links below). If you like what you see, connect to them and their community of over 300,000 members, follow and participate, and enjoy learning with the best!

About English Experts In Their Own Words

English Experts is a collaborative project focused on the learning of English. Site content is created by a community of teachers, foreigners, and mainly students—all of them acting voluntarily. EE is not a traditional English course (i.e. lesson 1, lesson 2,  etc), as our objective is to assist students through daily contact with the language. All EE content can be accessed for free and is divided into 3 big sections: Blog, Forum and Chat. read the complete text on the English Experts about page.



Tecla SAP

Tecla SAP is another really awesome blog and community that is an ESL/ EFL industry standard for quality content. Site creator, Ulisses Wehby Carvalho, has been working on this project in various forms pretty much since the advent of the internet (1999), and his vast experience shows. He is doing a phenomenal job providing extremely useful, concise, and entertaining daily English learning tips for Brazilians learners of all levels, in addition to teachers.

One of my favorite things about this site is these little tips makes the learning experience very direct, relaxed, and because they are short and consistent, they become part of your daily routine. This site is proof that with 13 years of daily, passionate dedication to something, you will undoubtedly learn to love it, and in doing so, you will master the language. Tecla SAP also has a good amount of “street credit,” including an appearance on the Jô Soares program (Ulisses, the site creator is also a leading translator/ interpreter).

Tecla SAP in Their Own Words

Here you´ll find more than 3,000 posts, with English tips, on an array of topics: false cognates, slang, idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, proverbs, among others. The goal is to help, in a relaxed way, whoever wants to improve and refine their knowledge of the English language. Although the majority of the content is written in Portuguese, all of the information is also useful for anybody who has mastered the language. The focus is on difficulties for those who speak Portuguese. Feel at home!



Inglês Na Ponta da Lingua

INGLÊS NA PONTA DA LINGUA (INPL) definitely deserves our attention and reverence, as this is a beautiful and incredibly helpful resource for your English learning. Why is RLE such a big fan of this Inglês na Ponta da Lingua?

  • First, the sheer quantity, quality, and overall scope of this blog and community is really impressive. You can literally get lost in this site for hours and days.
  • Second, like the book itself, the website is sort of like a “self-help” English learning experience, which is to say that you feel better, more productive and inspired after reading this material. After reading, you feel empowered to keep learning!
  • INPL focuses a lot on collocation in both the books and content, which is a really important cultural aspect of the language. In this area, they do a great job with something that few are able to do: making a complex, difficult topic into something simple and accessible.
  • Finally, Denilso de Lima (INPL Site Founder), is a self-taught language learning hero who has injected his own language learning success and enthusiasm into all angles of the content. The guy has an inspiring story (see below). English is his life’s work and this is easy to see in both the quality and the success he’s had!

INPL is extremely useful not just for English learners, but also for teachers. They have a “how do you say?” section, in addition to sections for “expressions,” “grammar,” and “vocabulary,” but my favorite thing about them is their podcast. Inglês na Ponta da Lingua is my favorite EFL podcast (what is a podcast?), and I’ve been using it more and more in the classroom. The last podcast, for example, was a very clear and helpful explanation and practice of the “Beach” vs “Bitch” vowel pronunciation problem that Brazilians often have.

ABOUT THE INLP FOUNDER: Denilso de Lima founded Inglês na Ponta da Lingua after publishing his first book (also called Inglês na Ponta da Lingua) in 2003. As fans of his blog, Real Life English has been familiar with the quality of his blog, but it wasn’t until researching for this article that we discovered that Denilso isn’t just an all-star blogger, author, and community builder. This guy is a true EFL Jedi, with an amazing success story, a super long list of credentials, successful projects, and a few really well-written books to show for it. He currently does research and consulting, writes books, translates, interprets, teaches, conducts teaching and training workshops, gives lectures, and manages a mega-successful blog (which has gathered a community of over 50,000 people). The scope and quality of Denilso´s work speaks for itself, and it’s reflected in his blog, which is free and available for everybody.


3 Recommended Reads from INPL

So there you are! Enjoy your journey with these awesome blogs, with the Real Life English International Community, and remember that you can always count on us with your journey to English fluency.

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  • Hey Justin and RLE,

    I have no words to express how thankful I am to your words. I really must fess up that some tears rolled down my cheek as I was reading the part about INPL and specially about me. It’s just like hitting the jackpot, you know. It was one of the best things I read this year. Thank you so much for that!

    I’m taking a look at your website and be sure I’ll write about it and mention it on INPL social media. Learners gotta learn about what you’re doing here so that they can get in touch with English in use not English as a as a dry school subject.

    Let’s keep in touch! Once again, thank you so much for the words above! 🙂

    Denilso de Lima

  • Neemias dos Santos Almeida says:


    • Justin says:

      Great man! Thanks for sharing!

  • Justin says:

    Hi Denilso, Great to hear from you!

    I´m really honored that you took the time to read, and even more that you enjoyed what I wrote about you! Because of my immense respect and admiration for your work with Inglês na Ponta da Lingua, that was really like “hitting the jackpot” :0) for me too when I read your comment. Let’s definitely stay in touch!

    And by the way, I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look at our site, and it’s also really cool of you to consider helping us with a mention in your INPL social media. Hug!