10 FUN Phrasal Verbs

Aww yeah! It’s time for another episode of RealLifeTV.

Do you hate learning phrasal verbs? Well today I want to give you 10 phrasal verbs that I hope you will LOVE.

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I just want to make a warning beforehand, that this video might be a little bit offensive for someone, as I’m going to cover some vocabulary that is very real life, very authentic.

But if you are easily offended, and you think that this won’t interest you to learn this type of English, then I recommend that you check out one of our other videos that might be more appropriate for you.

But if you do want to learn that kind of English, then stick around.

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Today’s Topic

So, today I’m going to give you ten fun phrasal verbs in English. Aww yeah, let’s go!

Is this RealLife?

Make Out

So, the first phrasal verb I want to talk to you guys today about is make out.

So, make out is another way to say kissing, but it generally infers kissing that’s very heavy.

So, for example, at a party, you might see two people making out.

Hook Up

The next phrasal verb that I want to teach you guys is hook up.

So, hook up has a lot of different meanings, but the one I’m going to teach you about today is when two people get together and they’re doing different things intimately, romantically.

So, this could be everything from making out to having sex.

If you want to learn a lot more different ways to use the word hook, as a phrasal verb, in different idioms, and just as a verb in general, or noun, then I recommend you check out this article.

pick up english phrasal verbPick Up

So, the next phrasal verb I want to teach you is pick up.

So, pick up is generally when a guy, could be a girl, usually used for a guy, who goes to a bar an he’s looking to meet a girl to probably take home with him, to have sex with. Of course, consensually.

So, we say pick up, that a guy goes to a bar to pick up chicks, to pick up girls, to pick up ladies.

A girl could use this, but it’s less common.

Pass Out

The next phrasal verb I want to teach you guys is pass out.

So, this has to do with if you’re drinking. When someone drinks too much, they might pass out.

So, for example: “Did you see Tom at the party last night? He was wasted! He drank so much that he passed out.”

Generally, if you’re drinking, you don’t want to pass out.

Jerk Off/Jack Off

Alright, so the next phrasal verb I’m going to teach you has a sexual connotation.

So, this is jerk off, or jack off. They have the same meaning, they both mean masturbate.

Sleep Around

Then you have sleep around.

This also has a sexual connotation.

So, sleep around you use when someone is having sex with a lot of different people.

This isn’t the most extreme way to say this, so it can be actually quite appropriate, if you have to talk about this.

So, you could say, “this person is sleeping around a lot.”

Feel Up

Next one is feel up.

So, feel up means that you’re, you’re touching someone all over their body.

Hopefully, this is consensual. You might do this if you are hooking up with someone, you might also be feeling them up.

But if you do this without asking someone, then they probably will slap you, or hit you.

Mess Around

The 8th phrasal verb is mess around.

So, when two people are messing around is a lot like hook up, but it’s not quite the same.

It generally means that they’re naked together and they’re doing different things, but it doesn’t mean sex.

Hit On

Alright guys, the next phrasal verb is hit on.

So, hit on means flirt. You know, you might go to the bar to pick up some girls, and you will probably have to hit on them, you’ll be flirting with them.

Cheat On

The next phrasal verb, number 10, is cheat on.

So, if you cheat on someone, it means that you’re in an exclusive relationship, but then you go and you do something with someone else. You have sex with them, or maybe you even just kiss them, make out with them, but you’re in an exclusive relationship and you cheat on your partner with someone else.

So, cheat on someone with someone else.

hungover phrasal verbsBonus: Hungover

Alright guys, and just for the hell of it, I’m going to give you a bonus phrasal verb, and this is hungover.

To be hungover.

This would actually be an adjective more, but if you’re hungover, that means that you drank a lot the night before and you’ve got really a bad hangover. You’re hungover.

So, hangover as a noun or hungover as an adjective.


Alright guys, so, I hope that this is really useful for you, remember to be careful using phrasal verbs like this, or English like this in general, to be responsible, but to pay attention to it in any TV shows, in movies, in real life English.

Alright guys, have a good one.


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