Real Life English Podcast #9 – Expressions with WATER

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Words to Know

Drop– when something falls, in this case the weather
Stay tuned– continue listening
Bite size– A small size to make it easy
Rocks– When something is cool and of good quality
Bloke/Sheila– Australian and British slang for man/woman
Move on– To continue to a different subject
Bad breath– When your mouth doesn’t smell good, often from eating garlic
Awkward– Uncomfortable with a person or situation
Forró– Brazilian partner dance
Ease your way in– Enter in a slow and gradual speed
Dope– Slang word for really cool, can be used to speak about marajuana
Mischief– Bad things, usually done by kids
Get away with something– To escape a situation without being punished


Justin tells about the new RealLife English TV

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What’s the difference between “some” and  “any?” [email protected]_real


  • Like a fish out of water
  • Blow something out of the water
  • Water under the bridge
  • To be in deep water
  • To dive into something


Learn English with the Fluency MC.


We talk about Rodney Dangerfield and give you some of his classic jokes.

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  • Iago Daumas

    I was looking for podcasts to improve my listening and my vocabulary and by chance I came across this website. I just began listening it and I know now that I’ve found one the best podcast, gathering fun enthusiastic attractive teachers with an excellente material. I love you both even more after knowing that you guys live here in Brazil. And Marco Polo play was the best. I thought that was just here this name. I hope one day I get to know you dudes. I’ m gonna wait for a Real Life Yoga Picnic here in Rio. I love you guys in a homo way or not, you both decide! Kiddin’s!

    • Hey Iago, Cheers for listening and leaving a comment man! Glad you’re liking the podcast and most importantly learning from it. Have a great day!

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