RealLife Radio #92 – How to Learn English Without Classes

post-imageDo you think you are lazy when it comes to studying English?

Well, let us introduce you to Olly Richards, an English polyglot who has taught himself 7 languages. In this episode you are going to discover how Olly managed to learn all of these language despite his busy schedule, and being a lazy language learning student.

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Words You’ll Learn

  • Cruising – moving in a relaxed way
  • Hazy – unclear
  • Tough – difficult
  • Epitomize – a typical example of something
  • To get used to something – become accustomed to something
  • To vibe with – to have a connection with
  • Well versed – to have a lot of experience and knowledge in something
  • Call something off – to cancel something
  • Break up – end a relationship
  • Ballsy – to do something brave
  • Youth Hostel – a very cheap place for travelers to stay
  • Nod – to move your head up and down in agreement
  • Do you fancy – would you like? (common in British English)
  • Put someone out – put someone in and inconvenient situation
  • Let down – to disappoint someone
  • Shisha – Arabic tobacco smoked in a water pipe
  • Break down – to explain in more specific detail


  • Mika from Japan – Awesome member of the Fluency Circle

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Kickass Quote

  •  “You don’t learn a language, you get used to it.” – Khatzumoto

Conversation Topic

In this episode we talk to polyglot Olly Richards from Cambridge, England. Learn all about the techniques he used to learn and become fluent in more than 7 languages. Learn more about Olly by checking out his site and information about his course in the links below.

Pronunciation Tip

Listen to some common pronunciation differences between Ethan’s American English accent, and Olly’s British accent.

  • Vitamin
  • Aluminum
  • Privacy
  • Schedule
  • Garage
  • Herb
  • Oregano

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