How to Use the Word FUCK: 26 Different Uses—with PODCAST!—(Part I)

If you gave a fuck at all about the fucking amazing English language, you would stop fucking around and study the word fuck.

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When your friends start fucking with you just tell them to shut the fuck up and to go fuck themselves, because you need to fucking study.

 Don’t be a fuck up. Instead of getting fucked up at bars like a dumbfuck trying to fuck another alcoholic fuck, be a cheapfuck and stay at home and learn to use the word fuck. So when someone asks you, “What the fuck does that mean?” You don’t have to answer, “I don’t fucking know.”

So what the fuck are you waiting for? Don’t fuck yourself over. Start studying now.

NOTE: Just to be clear, we’re not promoting the irresponsible use of swear words. Much to the contrary, we think that if you are going to swear, you should have a high degree of awareness as to what you are communicating and the effect it has on people around you. Even if you have an intellectual understanding of how to swear, it doesn’t give you the deeply culturally conditioned reaction that natives have. They grew up in their families learning what was appropriate or not.

The Word FUCK

As you can see from the above paragraphs, fuck is one of the most varying and interchangeable words that exists in the English language (and probably ALL languages as well). It’s also known as the the F-word and the F-bomb.

While the word fuck is often seen as the most vulgar word in the English language, it’s very commonly used in everyday speech, and you will encounter it all over the place in many different types of media. As you’ll see below, there are tons of different songs, movies, TV shows, and other media that use the word fuck.

To learn more about other swear words, check out the article How to Use Swear Words in English.

Whether or not you plan to say the word fuck, to fully understand the English language, you must understand this versatile word and its many, many uses.

Fuck can be used in almost every informal situation and to express any emotion. The only thing that matters is what tone of voice you use and what words surround it.

However, please note that many of these phrases are offensive and you should be careful about who you say them to. For example, if you say “fuck you,” to someone, they may want to fight you. Offensive phrases include a red OFFENSIVE tag.

Test yourself by looking through these various different expressions (both at the beginning of the article and the numbered phrases below) involving the word fuck and see how many you already know. Then, go back and read all of the expressions to learn the phrases you don’t already know and deepen your understanding of the ones you already know. (Note: some of the uses of fuck in the introduction will be defined in Part II of this article.)

Be sure to check out the videos for the different expressions to see how they’re used in the media and to hear how they’re pronounced.

NOTE: PG-13 stands for Parental Guidance for those under 13. It’s used in movies as a rating of who should see the movie. The PG-13 tag will help you convey the same meaning without being as vulgar.

1. What the fuck?

This is a common phrase that’s used when you are confused, irritated, or angry. It’s often abbreviated to “wtf.”

There are many different ways you can add what the fuck to other words to add emphasis. Check out the video below for many examples.

PG-13 version—What the hell?


  • You can’t find your keys—”What the fuck? Where are my keys?”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

Examples from the video:

  • What the fuck is this?
  • What the fuck are you talking about?
  • What the fuck is with this guy? Who is he?
  • What the fuck are you doing here?
  • What the fuck is going on? (going on means happening)
  • Where the fuck are you going?
  • What the fuck are you thinking?

2. Fuck!

Used to express anger or pain.

PG-13 version—Crap.


  • You’re playing soccer and miss an easy goal and say, “Fuck!”

3. Fuck it.

You say fuck it when you just don’t care anymore. It can also be used to admit defeat.

PG-13 version—Screw it.


  • After looking online for a video for 10 minutes you say, “Fuck it, I give up.”
  • You’re playing chess with someone and they’re winning by a lot so you say, “Fuck it, you win. I don’t want to play anymore.”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

Although the above music video doesn’t say “fuck it,” the overall meaning of the song—as the title suggests—is “fuck it, I’m done with this relationship.”

3. Holy fuck!

Used to express surprise. You can also say “holy shit” or “holy fucking shit.”

PG-13 version—Jesus Christ.


  • You look into your bank account and see an extra $1,000 and you say, “Holy fuck. How did that get there?”

5. Fuck you/him/her/that. OFFENSIVE

Used to express anger, rage, hatred, or contempt with someone or something else.

PG-13 version—Screw you/him/her/that.


  • You hear that you need to do a 10 page essay by Friday and you say, “Fuck that.”
  • Someone steals your backpack and you say, “Fuck him.”
  • Someone doesn’t like your couch and says, “Fuck your couch.” (See the below video with Rick James.)

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

6. Go fuck yourself. OFFENSIVE

Used in similar situations as “fuck you,” “go fuck yourself,” is used to express anger, frustration, hatred, or contempt with someone else. “Go fuck yourself” literally means to masturbate.

PG-13 version—Go screw yourself.


  • Someone asks you if you want to pay for the bill. And you respond, “Hey I got a better idea, why don’t you go fuck yourself?”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

7. Did you fuck her? Was she a good fuck?

Fuck can also be a vulgar and very informal way to say to have sex. It can also be used to refer to whether the sex was good or not.

PG-13 version—Did you screw her? Was she a good screw? 


  • “Did you finally fuck her last night?”
    “Yeah man. It was awesome. She’s a great fuck.”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

8. Fuck no / fuck yeah.

You add fuck in front of no or yes when you want to add emphasis to it.

PG-13 version—Hell no or hell yeah.


  • Your friend asks you if you want to drive to the party, and you respond, “Fuck no. I drove the last five times.”
  • “Do you want to watch Friends?”
    “Fuck yeah!

Skip to :55 for fuck no[media url=”″ width=”400″ height=”266″]

9. Fuck me.

While fuck me can be said when you’re having sex (most often by the girl, but not always), you will more commonly hear it being said in the context of feeling astonished or frustrated/upset at yourself.

PG-13 version—God dammit.


  • You forget to bring your soccer cleats to play soccer and say, “Fuck me, now I can’t play.”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

10. Don’t fuck me over.

To fuck someone over means to do them an injustice. In other words, it can mean to take advantage of, ignore a promise you made to them (which gets them in some kind of trouble), or to deceive someone out of their money or possessions.

PG-13 version—Don’t screw me over.


  • “I’m trusting you with the keys to my store, don’t fuck me over.”
  • “You fucked me over, man! You said you would be there to pick me up. When you weren’t there I had to walk home and I got robbed!

Skip to 1:30 for fuck me over[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

11. Are you fucking with me?

To fuck with someone means to joke with them.

If you ask someone angrily, “Are you fucking with me?!” it can also mean are you lying to me?

PG-13 version—Are you messing with me?


  • “Wait, did you just say you can eat 15 bananas in one sitting. Are you fucking with me?”

[media url=”” width=”400″ height=”266″]

12. Stop fucking around.

To fuck around means to not be doing anything serious, usually when there’s important work to be done.

PG-13 version—Stop screwing around.


  • “Stop fucking around on Facebook and let’s get to work.”

13. He’s fucked.

To be fucked means that you are in a hopelessly bad situation that you’re unable to recover from.

PG-13 version—He’s screwed.


  • There’s no way he’s going to pass his class. He’s fucked.


Fuck has so many uses that they all won’t even fit into one article! Click to see part two of The Essential Guide to the Word FUCK.

But remember, please be careful when using any of these expressions. Natives grow up learning when it’s appropriate to say these various vulgar expressions and when it’s not okay. 

If you have to ask yourself whether or not it’s appropriate, the answer is probably no.

You don’t have to use fuck to appear fluent, but you need to at least understand it.


So have some fucking fun and check out part two of the Essential Guide to the Word Fuck!

You can also check out the article How to Use Swear Words in English.


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