English For Brazilians: How to Really Say “Chato” in English

Hey guys, I’m Justin, welcome to another one minute episode of RealLife TV.

Today, I’m going to teach you Brazilians how to really translate the word “chato” into English. Stay tuned!

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What Does CHATO Mean in English?

Ok, so, Brazilians always come to me speaking English and they say “this person is boring,” “this place is boring,” but I know they’re not really trying to say boring, because there’re lots of mistranslations in dictionaries and a lot of people just have a wrong understanding of the word chato.

So, chato, in English, means two things. There’s chato irritating, which is annoying, and then there is chato which is more like something that’s tedious, that’s… That’s boring.

So, make sure that when you use the word chato you understand which one you’re using, annoying or boring.

Thank you very much!

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    • Justin

      Hey Ricardo, Thanks for watching the video. Yeah, I know there are other uses (maybe you’d care to enlighten us?), but this simple 1 minute video covers the main error that 95% of Brazilian English speakers make. Thanks for watching!