English For Brazilians: The Funny Origin of the “X-Burguer”

A lot of my students are surprised to discover the funny origin of the word “x-burguer.” In this one minute video, you’ll hear one gringo’s story of coming to Brazil and being confused by the “X” in the word “x-burger” only to later discover its American origin.

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I’m Justin, welcome to another one minute episode of RealLife TV. Today, I’m going to teach you, Brazilians, the surprising and funny origin of the word Xburguer.

Is this RealLife?

Ok, so, when I first came to Brazil, I remember to going to order a hamburger, or a cheeseburger, at a restaurant, and I thought it was very strange, kind of surprising that there was a X-burger. But then, the better I learned Portuguese, I realized that “X” is “xis,” and that “x-burger” is “x-burguer.”

So, that’s the story behind it, an X-burger is really a xis-burguer, which is a cheeseburger.
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