What people are saying about Coaching with the RealLife Guys

You have heard about RealLife Fluency Coaching, but we think it’s not enough to tell you how powerful and revolutionary the program is for your English, so we will let some of our past participants tell you all about it!

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Take it away:

Luciana RealLife CoachingLuciana Goulart (Brazil)

The coaching program introduced me to a different world, where I feel more confident about my english, especially speaking and listening.

I found out that I can learn and practice english in a very enjoyable way, like watching movies, singing and meeting new people. Even when I’m stuck in traffic, I’m learning english, listening to podcasts.  It’s a new world for me. I also learned things that I was never taught before. The program made me want to keep learning and looking for different things to do, in english, of course!

Now I’m practicing english everyday, in a very funny way.

Marwa Abd El-lateef (Egypt)

Welcome to RealLife English Airlines! Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the best EFL learning experience ever.  Leave your previous impressions of language learning behind; either good or bad.  Here, you will have the best all the time. Passion, commitment, creativity and more are all in one-click away website. Pilots Justin, Chad and Ethan will guide you safely throughout your flight. So, no need to worry! Just relax and enjoy the charming side of English language learning you’ve never seen before.

Still worried?! This course will wash your worries away and revolutionize your traditional EFL concepts, as well. EFL learning will be fun. You can learn English watching movies, listening to music, watching reality shows or even writing rap songs. What’s special about these great guys is that they delve inside the learner and get the key to his\her learning style. Justin, for example, did a great job helping me spot that key. That triggered my passion for learning.

English + Fun = Long-Life English Language Learning

This is the equation he kept working on. Then, learners can pursue their learning on their own.  Many thanks RealLife English Team!!

Bon Voyage!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 15.41.47Geisa Vinha (Brazil)

The idea of RealLife Coaching is learning English in a fun way, making it sounds natural.

When I started the coaching classes, I didn´t realize how much I had to improve my writing, pronunciation and other points. Actually to improve, I just had to create a new habit: study harder, effectively and use it daily.

How many ideas the coaching provided me, how many mistakes you corrected, how many challenges I faced, and for what? To be better in my English. The coaching really held me accountable, and I appreciated it.

The contact that I had with new people from other countries was also very interesting. Heping others and also being helped.

What is different and special about RealLife English?  YOU. I mean, Ethan Justin and Chad. Since my first contact, I dealt with friendly people, who replied my e-mails directly without copying “ready texts”.

I didn´t deal with employees, I dealt and have been dealing with the founders of this methodology, who believe in what they are doing.

Congratulations and just keep on doing it with love : Connecting people.


Ellis Wu (Taiwan)

It’s super inspiring that I got the opportunity to work with one of the best language learners and philosophers in the world. The most valuable thing I learned from the coaching is the philosophy of language learning. Language learning is a long way to go. It requires persistence, growth mindsets and it turns out to be kind of positive psychology if you really want to perfect it. You’ve got to make English as a fun part and a habit of your life. Plus, the coaching was client-centered. For example, in the end, I understand I rely on reading too much instead of listening. In terms of my accent, I still need to work on some pronunciation such as TH or L, which are common issues in Chinese speakers. All in all, Ethan is a great motivator and role model since he is always learning languages. He taught me how to fish rather than gave me fish. Right now, I can stand on the shoulders of giants and reach English fluency on my own in no time.

jefther reallife coachingJefther Ariel (Brazil)

This coaching was crucial to me. I’m in the U.S now and I’m ready for the adventures I’ll have here! It’s amazing how much you can learn in 6 weeks!