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Take your English to a whole new level and certify it with the internationally recognized TOEFL certifcation. Our staff of highly experienced native speaking teachers will not only help you boost your confidence and fluency, but we’ll show you how to maximize your performance. The TOEFL will open you up to exciting new job opportunities, as well as international educational and career programs.

The course will not only teach you the best tricks, shortcuts and strategies to master the TOEFL test, but it will also help you significantly  improve  your overall English level with the most dynamic, innovative and effective of teaching methods. While most TOEFL prep programs tend to focus only on maximizing test scores, which may or may not really improve your overall English level, the Real Life TOEFL PREP COURSE takes a deliberately integrated, holistic approach.

We understand that while a high score on the TOEFL test can be a wonderful and even necessary accomplishment that grants new opportunities and validation of your level,  your experience of English could and should go way beyond this. We believe that the best way to grow into and develop as a proficient speaker of the language  AND as a citizen of the world is to experience English as a community, culture and integrated learning process.

What is the TOEFL Certificate?

The TOEFL® test measures the ability of non-native speakers of English to use and understand English as it is spoken, written and heard in college and university settings. As opposed to the TOEIC® test that measures the use of English in a business context, the TOEFL® test has an academic focus.  An internationally accepted standard of academic English proficiency, it is a required certification by more than 5000 colleges and universities worldwide.

Who uses the TOEFL Certificate?

  • Students who want to study further: For non-native speakers who hold degrees or diplomas from post-secondary institutions in English speaking countries
  • Academic institutions: To determine academic readiness and make admissions decisions for international applicants
  • Individuals who are applying for professional licensure or certification
  • Many government, licensing and certification agencies, as well as exchange and scholarship programmes also use TOEFL® scores as a decision-making tool.

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