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  • Albert Buntenbroich says:

    I'm an english autodidact for five years now. I think i must learn this language till my life ends and i'm yet not perfect. But it's for a lot of fun and the best jogging for my brain. From Cologne with the best wishes to myanmar. Maybe we can improve our english mutually.

  • andi nursalam says:

    Hi RLE! I read all of your posting in facebook. They are very helpful. I want to ask the meaning of ‘ain’t’? Thank you.

    • Justin says:

      Hey Andi, Thanks for reading and commenting. Aint is a slang contraction of is not, are not, am not, do not or does not. Take care and thanks for the participation.

  • alasmari mohammed says:

    I like learn enghish very well

  • I have benn learning English for years , and I can not speak .I m young (42 )so I need further years to learn

  • Dina Ionescu says:


  • Sometimes I have a problem in speaking because I don't know whether the words I utter is generally used or not. Hopefully through realife, I could be better in choosing right words

  • ??? says:

    this ia my first time using this website for learning English. i am still confused with using this device a bit. anyway i will try my best more and more. i am glad to visit this page.

  • Which radio do you recomend me to improve my listening and my comprehension about English? Thanks!

  • Please, help me to speak english fluently!!
    Peace be with you!

  • Ataovy teny gasy fa hainao tsara io eenglish io eh

  • I am Angolan /Africa i,d like to learn more this language cause i love it

  • Hi Rita, I am from Bahia like you, but I am living in another place now. This radio is nice, where you can listen to songs and advertising as well. Enjoy it.

  • Neto Souza says:


  • Zahir Hotak says:

    It is very useful for me good methods

  • trungnghiatn says:

    Can I have .mobi or .prc ebook?