RLE TRANSLATOR – Rodrigo Penna Alves

RLE Translator RodrigoRodrigo Penna Alves, 24 years-old, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He has been teaching English for two years. He graduated in Languages (Portuguese / English) from the Rio de Janeiro State University (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) in 2011. Also, Rodrigo is currently taking a postgraduate course in Language Studies and Translation.

Rodrigo loves to learn languages. Besides his native language, he speaks English, Spanish and Catalan. Furthermore, he is a member of the Real Life English International Community. In fact, Rodrigo is the author of many RLE posts.

In his downtime, he likes to listen to podcasts, which helps him to improve his listening. In addition to this, he is an avid soccer Barça (FC Barcelona) fan. Also, Rodrigo is a loves sci-fi books, Spanish poems and Catalan music. One of his favorite singers is Joan Manuel Serrat.

Rodrigo dreams about changing people’s lives with English. Besides being a teacher and a translator, he is a community builder. One of his favorite quotes is “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” (by Victor Marie Hugo). Translating texts is more than an activity, but a tool usefulness is intended to be remarkable in people’s lives.”

Please contact Rodrigo regarding Portuguese translations at: [email protected]