RLE TRANSLATOR – Laura Álvarez Gil

Laura Álvarez GilLaura Álvarez Gil, 20 years-old, was born in Leganés (Madrid – Spain), although she has lived her whole life in Fuenlabrada. She has studied Chemical Engineering at Complutense University of Madrid since 2010.

Laura thinks of herself as an English language lover. She has never liked Spanish Education methods for teaching English. There was a complete turnaround in her life when she joined the Real Life English International Community Facebook group, of which she is now an administrator. Finally, she found what she was always looking for. Since then, English has become an important part of her life.

Besides improving her English, Laura makes the most of her spare time watching TV sitcoms and reading. She is a Harry Potter fan. She also loves animals and nature. In fact, in the summer she spends every weekend in the countryside.

Her aims are those that everybody has nowadays: to finish her degree, to find a job (and to be paid for it!), and to travel and visit a lot of countries, especially the United States. She would also like to master some image edition software such as Photoshop.

Please contact Laura regarding Spanish translations at: [email protected]