RealLife Global Community Guidelines

Before using the Power Chat, please read the following guidelines of RealLife Global:


  • Community Guidelines Share your culture and about your country
  • Ask thoughtful questions and learn about others’ cultures
  • Add friends and chat/video chat even outside of Power Chat
  • Be friendly, polite, and respectful
  • Be helpful and patient with those at a lower level than you. Remember that you once were in their position.

Do Not

  • Be Intolerant – racism, prejudice, or sexism towards someone because of their race, gender, origin, sexual orientation, or religion constitutes immediate permanent removal from the community.
  • Be Condescending – Calling someone names, calling someone or their ideas stupid, or cursing inappropriately
  • Be Rude – e.g. putting people down because of their English level
  • Use Power Chat if you are not willing to be seen and heard. Users must have an enabled/unobstructed camera and microphone. Chat belongs elsewhere
  • Harass people through chat, by calling repetitively to video chat, etc. Ask for permission before calling someone.
  • Skip people in Power Chat until you meet an advanced/native speaker or someone of the gender you wish to speak to
  • Ask to move the conversation to another platform. This isn’t out of competition, this is so that RealLife Global can be an awesome English learning environment for everyone!

Breaking any of these rules is grounds for temporary or permanent removal from the community.

That said, we hope you will enjoy the community, make many friends around the world, and learn a lot! If you have any questions, just click the ‘?’ button at the bottom-left of the screen. We will help you as soon as possible.

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