Real Life English Podcast #19 – Expressions related to MOVEMENT

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Words to Know

  • Young grasshopper – A common thing for a Martial Arts master to call a student.
  • Period – Menstrual cycle
  • Cramps – Painful contractions of muscles
  • Hypnosis – a state of consciousness where you are very open to suggestions (see photo)
  • Blood – the red liquid in your body that comes out when you are cut
  • Cologne – scented water to make men smell good (perfume is for women)
  • On top of the world – To feel absolutely amazing (this was an expression in Episode #13)
  • Warm and fuzzy – happy and comforted
  • Liquor – alcohol that is very strong: rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila, etc.
  • The more the merrier – the more people, the more fun it is
  • Handsome – good looking (used for men)
  • Inside joke – a joke that only people within a selected group would understand because it refers to a previous humorous situation
  • Intervals – a space between two things, a gap
  • Cleared it up – removed any confusion
  • Relevant – closely connected or appropriate
  • Make up – cosmetics that are generally used by women to make them “more attractive”
  • Lips – what you kiss with
  • Opposed – contrasting or conflicting with each other
  • Gazelle – a small, four legged animal with horns (see photo)
  • Mankind – human beings considered collectively; the human race
  • Saying – a short expression, generally containing wisdom
  • Jamming – to play/improvise with other musicians
  • Chunk – a thick, solid piece of something
  • Strap – a piece of flexible material used to carry or hold on to something
  • Swing dance – (watch a swing dance flash mob)
  • Bullshit – nonsense
  • Turn off – switch off
  • Foul mouths – people who swear/curse
  • Hatchet – a small ax
  • Ax – a tool typically used for chopping wood (see photo)


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Shout Outs


  •  What is the difference between “avenue,” “street,” “boulevard,” and “road”?


  • Jump to conclusions
  • By leaps and bounds
  • Spread yourself to thin
  • Swing by
  • Breaking my balls


  • Immerse yourself in English by changing the language of your phone, computer, Facebook, Twitter, email, software, and everything you can into English.


  • Put down – to place on a surface, (I can’t put it down – when a book is so good you can’t stop reading)


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crave you like a breath underwater
I’m someone’s son and you’ll be somebody’s daughter
And we’re both somebody, intertwined together we can be hotter

  • Crave – a powerful desire desire
  • Intertwined – twisted together; connected or linked closely.

For more info about the interview of how Kai saved some people’s live’s by smashing a guy in the back of the head with a hatchet click here.