Searching for a capable and multifaceted Digital Product Designer to help us lead our product and grow with the company

RealLife is an international social education startup dedicated to helping people make learning English a life-changing global adventure.

We are looking for the right product designer to join our team and help us execute of our company vision: To Create a World Beyond Borders

You will lead the Product Design process of our video chat web application, The Global Adventure, currently in private beta, which connects English learners with other English learners, from around the world, to practice their English while discovering new friends from different cultures, without needing a teacher.  You will also grow with our product and business, eventually becoming a team leader and making design a key part of our company DNA. 

Primary Requirements 

  • You have a holistic and human-centric vision for the entire product design process
  • You have experience designing attractive and usable digital interfaces 
  • You are excited to facilitate a small multidisciplinary team in a collaborative design process 
  • You are passionate about what you do and motivated by solving complex and challenging problems that make a real difference in the world
  • You have at least an intermediate English speaking level, and clear and concise written communication 

Expected Outcomes/ Results

  • You will optimize and evolve the UX and UI of our current product, helping us discover a solution that is valuable, usable, and technologically viable
  • You will use Design Tools and Frameworks to lead a lean, iterative Product Discovery Process, from customer research, prototyping, UI design, to data-driven testing and optimization 
  • You will design completely new interfaces, components, and features that will drive our business forward 
  • You will impact other areas of the business, including marketing and sales, strategy, and culture


  • You will be the sole designer, working mostly remotely to collaborate with the Product Manager/ CEO (who lives in Florianópolis) and other key team members in regular meetings, and with other online collaboration tools
  • We will set ambitious, but realistic goals and hustle to achieve them, planning and executing on the product roadmap with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • You will be immersed in an English speaking company, culture, and product experience, receiving ample support and guidance for your English fluency (American founders with an English speaking team in Brazil, Spain, and Argentina) 

“Nice to Have” Experience (helpful but not absolutely necessary)

  •  Design Thinking and/ or other similar models 
  • Startups or similar Personal Projects 
  • Mobile Design 
  • Front-end development  
  • Gamification 
  • University Degree in Design or other associated area
  • Other Core Experience and Skills in Design or related fields

Cultural Competencies

  • High Integrity: You’re ethical, transparent, do what you say you will do 
  • Proactive: You own your work, act without being told what to do, bring new ideas, and pride yourself in going above and beyond what is expected
  • Communicative: Prompt and clear communication, able to take and give honest feedback with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • You strive to be the best version of yourself: You cultivate optimal habits in your personal and professional life to show up at your best every day and consistently improve
  • Voracious Learner: Extremely curious and passionate about stretching the mind and acquiring new knowledge and skills


  • Competitive Compensation (PJ in Reals)
  • Remote Work/ Home Office
  • English Speaking Team Immersion with Full Support in Your Learning
  • Paid Vacation & Public Holidays (Full-Time Members)
  • Equity (Performance and Time-Based)

The Product We're Creating

To bring our vision of "a world beyond borders" to life, we’re building The Global Adventure, a social English learning experience, which connects English learners with other English learners, from around the world, for speaking practice and cultural exchange via short, randomized video chats. 

Watch Demo Video (above) on Youtube

The previous version of our product, as shown in this video, was free to the public, and acquired more than 20,000 users in just 6 months.

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