Searching for a passionate, capable English Teacher to play a key full-time role in creating learning materials for an innovative new app that teaches English with TV Series 

RealLife is an international social education startup that connects learners from all around the planet to make learning English a life-changing global adventure.

Must be globally-minded, capable of working 100% remotely, and have advanced English fluency. 

The Opportunity 

You will be building fun, engaging learning materials to accompany our world-famous Learn English with TV Series Youtube videos. These lessons will be used by millions of learners from around the world in the soon-to-be released RealLife English app. This app will: 

  • provide interactive lessons, flashcards, and transcripts based on TV Series and other real-life native content. 
  • connect English learners with other English learners, from around the world, to practice their English (via video chat) while discovering new friends from different cultures, without needing a teacher. 

You will be the 14th member of a fast-growing, mission-driven startup, and will have the opportunity to help grow (and grow with) the company by making a real impact. 

We already have a strong and well-established brand, popular courses, and an audience of millions, including "Learn English with TV Series," one of the fastest growing English learning Youtube channels in the world. 

The Job

Your first and primary task will be to work with us to organize/ reshape our already-existing lessons (video, audio, script) from the Learn English with TV Series Youtube channel into compelling, high-quality English learning materials, with flashcards, explanations, interactive transcripts, and much more. 

Note: You will not be teaching/ presenting classes, but rather creating and curating materials for learners. 


  • Advanced English writing, grammar, and spelling skills
  • At least upper-intermediate speaking and listening skills
  • Digital competence: work well and effectively with digital tools
NICE-TO-HAVES (helpful, but not 100% necessary)
  • English teaching experience 
  • Strong experience using a variety of language learning tools (digital flashcards, apps, online courses, etc)
  • Startup experience, design or development experience 

About You (and the Role) 

  • You are passionate to teach and learn and make a real difference in the world
  • You successfully work in a distributed (remote) arrangement, collaborating with the team in daily meetings.
  • You are excited to be immersed in an English speaking company, culture, and product experience, receiving ample support and guidance for your English fluency (American founders with an English speaking team in Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Poland, and the Ukraine). 
  • You are excited and curious to work at a startup, and to learn about how to build innovative products

Other Key Requirements 

  • 100% Commitment: Full-time, around 40 hours per week 
  • Adequate work space and work environment or home situation, fast internet connection, and the ability to produce autonomously, without micromanagement. 

Cultural Competencies

  • High Integrity: You’re ethical, transparent, do what you say you will do 
  • Proactive: You own your work, act without being told what to do, bring new ideas, and pride yourself in going above and beyond what is expected
  • Communicative: Prompt and clear communication, able to take and give honest feedback with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • You strive to be the best version of yourself: You cultivate optimal habits in your personal and professional life to show up at your best every day and consistently improve
  • Voracious Learner: Extremely curious and passionate about stretching the mind and acquiring new knowledge and skills


  • Work from home
  • Starting Salary: $865 USD/ month 
    • You will join our team as a Contracted Worker (paid directly via bank transfer)
  • English Speaking Team Immersion with Full Support in Your Learning
  • 21 Days Paid Time Off (Holidays and Vacation)
  • Immersive week-long company retreats in exotic locations (semi-annual) 
  • A truly exceptional team and company culture (learn more about who we are

The App We're Creating

To bring our vision of "a world beyond borders" to life, we’re building The RealLife English App. Your role will be to create interactive learning materials around our Learn English with TV Series videos, which will be embedded in the "lesson section" of the app, but the app also connects English learners with other English learners, from around the world, for speaking practice and cultural exchange via short, randomized video chats. Check out the demo video below: 

Watch Demo Video (above) on Youtube

The previous, web version of ours, as shown in this video (no longer public), acquired more than 20,000 users in just 6 months. 

Learn More About RealLife English