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Searching for a Capable, Experienced Full-stack Developer to help us impact millions with our recently-launched 4.8 star Mobile App (GoLang/ Flutter) 

RealLife is an international social education startup dedicated to helping English learners make learning an epic global adventure.

RealLife Team at our 7-day '22 Summit (Gathering) in Florianópolis, Brazil

The Opportunity 

You will join our 100% remote English speaking team as the 2nd developer, and 19th member of a fast-growing, mission-driven organization. You will have the opportunity to help grow (and grow with) the company, making a real impact.  

Our app is brand new (MVP), but since our launch in May '21,  having grown to more than 61,000 Monthly Active Users.  Apart from the app, RealLife is also a thriving business with the pillars for success, including: 

  • Well-established channels w/ a global audience of millions (Our Learn English w/ TV Series  Youtube channel has over 5 million subs/ 5 million monthly views/ 169 million all-time views)
  • A compelling brand with one of the most innovative approaches on the market
  • Several thousand customers for our pre-existing courses (like Fluent with Friends)
  • Product and customer-centric team and culture guided by lean and agile principles 

Primary Skills (must-have)

Senior-level Front End skills in at least one framework:  

  • Flutter or React Native skills are a big plus, but not necessary
  • Also open to: Quasar, Onsen UI, Native Script, Xamarin, Cordova
  • With certain exceptions (strong skills and quick learning), even non-mobile frameworks are welcome: Vue JS, Reach, Angular JS, or others

Competent Back End ability (most of the role will be front end, but there will be some backend tasks)

  • Go skills are a big plus, but not necessary
  • Also open to: PHP, Java, NodeJS, Python, Ruby, .Net, potentially others


  • At least intermediate level in all areas (speaking, listening, writing, reading)
  • The ability to communicate and get the job done in real world English 


  • Nice-to-Have: University Degree in Computer Science, or related field,
  • Must-have: at least a solid theoretical vision for Computer Programming, as well as innovative new technologies
  • Nice-to-Have: Entrepreneurial Experience

What You'll Learn 

  • You will be at the heart of front-end mobile development, guided by our experienced full-stack CTO (who built the app himself)
  • You will learn exciting new and upcoming technologies that we’re constantly integrating (in use now, and future directions)
  • You will have an important voice in the product vision (we have a small cross-functional team)
  • You will be immersed in an English speaking company, culture, and product experience, receiving ample support and guidance for your fluency (Founded in Brazil by American English teachers,  we're distributed across S. American and Europe)
  • We practice Scrum, and OKRs (Objectives & Key Results): a goal-setting and tracking framework used by Google, Amazon, Spotify, and many more (more on OKRs) 

Our Tech

  • Front: Flutter
  • Back: Go, NodeJS, PostgreSQL (cockroachdb)
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Buildkite
  • Also: Microservices, WebRTC, GraphQL, Websockets (

About the App

The RealLife English App helps learners confidently understand fast-speaking natives, speak with anyone, and connect with the world. To this purpose, we've started with 2 core features that our users are loving: 

  • The Global Speak, which connects English learners with other English learners, from around the world, to practice their English (video chat) while discovering new friends across cultures, without needing a teacher. 
  • Podcast lessons from the world-famous RealLife English Podcast (450k downloads/ mo), complete with digital transcripts, flashcards (soon to be released) and other learning tools in development.

A Few Reviews (there are many more)

App Review 3
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More About You

  • You successfully work in a distributed (remote) arrangement, collaborating with the Product Team in daily meetings 
  • You will need to be able to produce autonomously, without micromanagement, researching and solving challenges
  • Ability to work around 40 hours a week (sometimes more)- there's a good degree of flexibility, but primarily Monday - Friday. 

Cultural Competencies

  • High Integrity: You’re ethical, transparent, do what you say you will do 
  • Proactive: You own your work, act without being told what to do, bring new ideas, and pride yourself in going above and beyond what is expected
  • Communicative: Prompt and clear communication, able to take and give honest feedback with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • You strive to be the best version of yourself: You cultivate optimal habits in your personal and professional life to show up at your best every day and consistently strive to realize your potential
  • Voracious Learner: Extremely curious and passionate about stretching the mind and acquiring new knowledge and skills

Core Benefits 

  • 100% Remote
  • Annual company retreat in exotic locations (next one is Feb 5-12, in Florianópolis, Brazil)
  • Competitive Compensation (You join our team as an Independent Contracted Worker)  
  • English Speaking Team Immersion with Full Support in Your Learning
  • You will be mentored by our highly experienced CTO (the same person who built our app)
  • 22 Business Days Paid Time Off (Holidays and Vacation)
  • Immersive week-long company retreats in exotic locations (semi-annual) 
  • A truly exceptional team and company culture (learn more about who we are)

Tour of the App (Video)

Video walkthrough of the app guided by our UX Designer, Leandro