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[plan name=”$29.95 Monthly / 143.95 6 Months” price=”Basic Membership” color=”#228b22″ featured=”Economic Price”]

  • Appx. 30 page Power Lessons PDFs
  • Memrise File w/ Audio file for pronunciation practice
  • Running Glossary of the most important/common terms
  • Community Conversation Questions on Topics from the TV Show
  • Access to Fluency Circle Facebook & WhatsApp Group
  • Weekly Group Hangouts.

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[/one_half] [one_half_last]6 Month Subscription


[plan name=”$49.95 Monthly / 239.95 6 Months” price=”Aww Yeah! Premium” color=”#0080ff” featured=”Superstar Learners”]

  • Get all the features of the Basic Monthly Plus:
  • 15 minute Individual Consulting Session
  • Weekly Soundcloud Pronunciation Feedback
  • Hand-picked Study Partners & Groups
  • Weekly Group Coaching- Video Webinar

. [one_half]Monthly Subscription

[/one_half] [one_half_last]6 Month Subscription




Why Friends?kaplan-friends

According to Kaplan International English Friends is THE best and most popular TV series to learn English with! We have so many learners with incredible English who acredit watching the entire 10 seasons of Friends to their fluency.

The reason we love it as a tool to learn English, is how relevant the cultural insights it gives you are. Despite being more than 10 years old, what you’ll learn with Friends is still completely pertinent today!

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What People are Saying About the Fluency Circle and Power Lessons


nancy reallife english“I consider it my family, my second family, and besides learning a lot of awesome stuff, and listening to podcasts, reading articles, and participating in amazing discussions, I found precious friends here, a lot of precious friends, and I’ll be always thankful to you guys because you gave me the opportunity to open my eyes to a new world, like I have a new vision of it.” – Nancy Valente (Brazil)

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“Much more than helping me improve my English, this community is helping me to improve as a human being, and that is priceless.”- Leticia Senna (Brazil)

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“Hey, Folks !! I’d love to thank you so much for this super duper experience in learning English.

I have been listening to your lessons for months now and I can feel the remarkable improvement in my level. These lessons, which are loaded with information and knowledge, are all that English learners really need because they don’t only make learning English funny, interesting, easy, enjoyable and RealLife way, but also it make miracles every week.

I had experienced that by myself and truly enjoyed it as well. You guys are heroes in your field and the world really needs you,  and listening to you every week is one of the best experiences ever. I am for sure so lucky to be one of your fluency circle members and will be a big fan of yours for good keep up the great work. Awww Yeah!!” –Noha Hajjaj (Palestine)

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“Since I’ve joined RealLife Fluency Circle, I’ve noticed that my English has improved dramatically not only in one aspect but in almost every aspects (Writing, listening, speaking and reading).. These power lessons are like a beautiful magic, of course not like that fake magic which you watch on television but it’s a real magic man!! Real magic.  You won’t feel it until you try it. You won’t feel the magic of Real life power lessons until you try it and see its wonderful results by yourself.  Thanks so much Real life teachers for your hella dope work, you’re wicked awesome, way to go!!”

So, if you’re not a serious English learner, then I’m sorry this advice is not for you..

But, here we go :

1- Join Real Life English fluency circle ( The power lessons)

2- Join Real Life English fluency circle.

3- Join Real Life English fluency circle.” –Rawda Hejazy (Egypt)

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claudia-reallife“The RealLife Guys have revealed an entirely different point of view. I’ve experienced their enthusiasm, their passion and their deep belief in making this world a better place not only by showing people how to come together through the English language but also by living their dreams. This enthusiasm is so infectious and has helped and still helps me keep doing my daily habit.

Moreover they gave me a helping hand by leaving my comfort zone and finding a dialog partner. This was just awesome.

With an exceptional way of showing how American English pronunciation works it has been freaking helpful for my listening comprehension and probably pronunciation as well. Now I’m more and more able to understand all that shrinked and linked way of speaking. It feels like pursuing a new horizon.

So, everybody who wants to know how native speakers speak in their everyday life even if you have no opportunity to live over there, and who wants to have fun while learning – yes, it’s possible to learn and have fun! – I highly recommend it. “Come on in! Become a member of the RealLife Fluency Circle Member. What are you waiting for?” –Claudia Schmidt (Germany)

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ludmila reallifeI’d like to say that I was very impressed you did a great job creating every lessons. Your lessons beyond all comparison are the best! Your text is concise and straight to the point. Putting myself in these situations will make speaking feel more natural, it’s much easier to work out what you’re likely to say.

To be honest, I was overwhelmed for the first time with tons of new expressions and colloquial vocabulary that you took into account. Who would have expected that. 🙂 Then I thought, don’t fret yourself – learning a language isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Every week I get a new lesson. It makes me keep discipline and is a treat. I must admit that you inspire me, give me strength to take action. Your lessons totally make my day! I hope I can muddle through my English with your help. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough! Liudmila Strelnikova (Russia)

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