6 Expert Resources to Go from Intermediate to Advanced

English Power PackWe all know how it feels to get stuck before reaching the final stage of mastery, and this is particularly sharp when learning a language.

We work hard to learn all the rules, which helps, at least for awhile, but then we come to this disappointing moment when conventional approaches just don’t work anymore.

On the journey advanced fluency, this is often an extremely frustrating point, and it’s exactly why over 95% of those who start learning English fail. There are many reasons for this, and here at RealLife, we’ve published over 500 articles, videos, and podcasts attacking this problem from every angle.

Not only is it vitally important to have the right mindset, but you have to build strong habits, and strategies that are fun, natural, and work for you. 

The Ultimate Resources to Go from Intermediate to Advanced

The RealLife Guys have come together with 6 other Top Online English Teachers to build the ultimate resource to give you the best strategies to make this delicate but crucial transition from intermediate to advanced in your English fluency.

You will learn with TV shows, phrasal verbs, speaking and pronunciation (shadowing) as well as the 100 Most Common English Phrases.

In addition to the RealLife Guys, this team of All-Star Teachers includes Gabby Wallace of GoNatural English, Shayna Oliveira of Espresso English, and Drew Badger of English Anyone.

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English Power Pack: The 7 Top Advanced Fluency Resources. $97 ($300 Savings!)

  • Learn English with Friends TV series (RealLife English)
  • Visual Phrasal Verbs (English Anyone)
  • English Speaking Course (Espresso English)
  • English Pronunciation with Shadowing (Deep English)
  • Over 100 Common English Expressions (Go Natural English)
  • English Success Stories (English Fluency Now)

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