Real Life English Podcast Episode #12 – Expressions with LIFE

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Words to Know

  • Tease – something to tempt you to stay until the end of the podcast
  • Shout outs – saying positive things to people who aren’t with you
  • Mic – (pronounced mike) short for microphone
  • Such a shame – so unfortunate
  • Bottom of my heart – with sincerity
  • Step above – more advanced
  • Fluke – an accident
  • Dish – the food contained on a plate. For example…
  • Chili – a tomato-based dish that generally has beans, corn, meat, and cheese.
  • Cut off – to separate completely with a knife.
  • Play on words – A joke that uses words that have two meanings.

Shout Outs

  • Michael Josefowicz, New York @toughLoveforx
  • Izzatuz, Uzbekistan @izzatuz?
  • Martuita, Spain @MartuitaM
  • Ana S. @soares_anamaria
  • Romina Prado, Spain
  • Nancy Valente
  • Rawda Essam


  • Shawty, what’s that word mean? by Laura Ruslan, Indonesia @Laurafadilah


  • Larger than life
  • Life’s a bitch
  • The best things in life are free
  • That’s the way the cookie crumbles
  • Living life in the fast lane.


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