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Hiring Full-Time Digital Marketing Associate

RealLife is an international social learning startup dedicated to helping people make learning English a life-changing global adventure

We are searching for the right person to join our team and help us spread the RealLife Vision to bigger audiences, to attract, convert, and delight our customers. You should have a clear interest in learning quickly, mastering and systemizing new roles, and growing into a high impact leader as our organization scales.  


  • Develop valuable digital marketing and sales skills as a key member of a quickly growing international startupthat is already making a global impact
  • Be immersed in a real world English work environment and improve your fluency with native colleagues
  • Work directly with our CEO and Head of Marketing, who will mentor and support your professional growth and development
  • Work on a variety of projects, with significant autonomy and creative direction
  • Home Office: you will work an average of 40 hours per week from home and collaborate with the team online

Key Responsibilities

  • Marketing: Help us engage and grow our global audience of hundreds of thousands of English learners through our various channels (Blog, Youtube, Email, Social Media)
  • Customer Care: Daily written communication with prospective and current customers
  • Content Creation: Collaborate in coordination of video and blog content.
  • Community Management: Organize and lead English speaking events with customers
  • Facilitate and Execute ad campaigns through Facebook and Adwords

Key Competencies

  • English Competency:
    • Writing: upper intermediate and above
    • Speaking: intermediate and above
    • A love for learning English!
  • Digital Competency: proficient use of technological and online resources to diligently and effectively learn, create, collaborate, and communicate
  • Strong organization, time-management, and planning skills: Ability to budget your time and organize your life and work into repeatable systems that maximize efficiency and results
  • Full-time availability (40 hours per week), Fast Internet Connection, and compatible Time Zone (OR flexibility with your schedule)- we work from Latin American and European time zones. 
  • Other Skills/ Experience that we value (but not required)
    • Professional marketing studies and/or experience
    • Experience in gathering and analyzing data (or at least data-oriented)
    • Proficiency in Excel, Adobe, or other key programs
    • English certificate(s)

Cultural Competencies

  • High integrity: ethical, transparent, doing what you say you will do
  • Proactivity: own your work, act without being told what to do, bring new ideas
  • Autonomy: you are self-directed and do not need constant supervision to effectively produce and get the job done
  • Growth-Mindset: Tendency towards growth and willingness to take and give honest feedback with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • Bring your best self: You cultivate optimal habits and behaviors in your personal and professional lives to perform at your best every day
  • Voracious Learner: Extremely curious and passionate about stretching the mind and acquiring new skills

What You Will Learn

  • A deep and applied understanding of critical skills related to digital and inbound marketing, course creation, product launches, customer care and community development, as well as how to run a startup and build a successful global company
  • Specific Skills: Digital Marketing/ Marketing Automation (Active Campaign), Paid Marketing (Google/ Youtube Adwords, Facebook), WordPress, Social Media Marketing (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • You will significantly improve your real world English fluency, as well as expand your perspective on the world, and on business  

What We’re Offering

  • R$ 2600/ month (without Carteira Assinada) 
  • Paid Public Holidays, 2 Weeks Paid Vacation (pear year)
  • Home Office 
  • Work Time and Budget for Learning/ Professional Development
  • Performance-based opportunities for (a) flexible work schedule,(b) promotion and leadership roles, (c) equity in the company

About RealLife English

RealLife makes learning English a life-changing global adventure by creating experiences that inspire, connect, and empower learners to step outside the classroom and not just learn English, but LIVE it.

Our plan is to help tens of millions of learners like you use English in the real world to realize their full potential as globally conscious human beings, awake to the realization that no matter what divides us, what unites us is far greater.

Our Vision: to Create a World Beyond Borders

The launch pad for this vision is a our multi-platform content: Blog, youtube, and podcast audience, which attract over 500,000 visitors per month and our global community of students and customers, who are the heart and soul of our business.

And finally, our rocket ship, the Twin Pillars of our Product Line:  

Global Adventure is a Social English Learning Platform connecting learners from around the world for speaking practice and cultural exchange via short, randomized video chats. The first version (see video below), which was free to the public, accumulated more than 20,000 users in just 6 months. Our newest version is in private beta (testing).

Our Native Fluency Courses teach students to understand and use native English in their daily lives, by making it fun, natural, and convenient. “Fluent with Friends” uses the Friends TV series as the source material, while the “Native Immersion” course offers podcasts and other materials taught by us, following our unique, imaginative methodology.

Who We Are 

We are a small group of globally minded teachers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, spread across the world, but united by a singular vision and a common set of values.

We are world travelers and language learners, meditators, runners, cyclists, and life-long learners who are constantly striving to reinvent ourselves and make life and work an adventure.

We value diversity, so you don’t need to be a copy of us, but if you are curious, with a growth mindset, and would like to work in an environment that cultivates your best self, then you will feel right at home working with us. 

How to Apply

Make sure you read this entire job posting (above), then click on the "Apply Now" button below and answer the questions as best as you can. We will also ask you for your CV/ resumé.

If you have any questions, please write us an e-mail at "[email protected]," and if you know anybody who would be good for this position, please share it with them.