Real Life English Classes

Do you feel confident in your reading and writing abilities in English, but confused and lost when it comes to speaking the language you have studied for so long?

With the RLE Conversational Class we apply our philosophy of integrated learning by fusing mass media, practical vocabulary, and real life situations all under the guidance of a native speaker of English in a comfortable environment.

Before every class you will receive an outline of what we will be talking about, a list of applicable vocabulary, and an audio piece dealing with the topic of discussion. Conversation topics will range from geopolitical issues to how to use the “little” words in English correctly, e.g. actually, really, like, and just.

Under the direction of our skilled instructors you will not only grow more confident in your spoken English, but will understand English on T.V. and in songs and movies at a higher level.

Unlike most traditional English classes that have you focused on a book, this class will center around you speaking and how to do so with greater confidence. So let’s place those grammar books to the side for a bit and discover how to use what you have learned in a practical way.

For more information, please get in contact with us via email or telephone:
[email protected]
(31) 9239 8568