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  Comics - Laura

What would become of our childhood without them? Children badly need to be in touch with the fantasy world, so why not introducing them to reading comics? According to Martha Cornog, reading them sparks kids’ imagination and interest in general reading. Furthermore, the author offers parents some good resources and tips on how to select the most suitable comics for their children.

Here are some of our RLE members’ favorite ones:







Check out Laura A. Hill’s post and let us know what your favorite comic is!




Max Ahumada, from Argentina, has challenged himself to create a thought-provoking debate about two of the most well-known and egg heads ever: Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare. As far as I can remember, this post has been one of the most impressive ones lately, since a long and engaging discussion took place in the RLE community. Before jumping to the comments made, let’s take a brief look at these two brilliant minds. What are they famous for?


Albert Einstein

–          He came up with the Theory of Relativity. For further information, click here;

–          The German genius won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics;

–          Einstein is also famous for his quotes, such as “God does not play dice with the cosmos” and “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity”.


Einstein or Shakespeare - Max


    William Shakespeare

–          According to this site, Shakespeare wrote nothing less than 37 plays and 154 sonnets;

–          ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are two of the most frequently performed plays;

–          Many of Shakespeare’s plays have been adapted to film, such as Romeo Must Die, Shakespeare in Love and The Lion King.


And last but not least, we’re gonna see what some of our RLE members think about Einstein and Shakespeare:

I think in the academic world we must not compare which field of knowledge has contributed more to one area or another. Shakespeare has impacted in English and also literature. Likewise that Einstein has impacted into gravitation’s theory with his discoveries, contributing for our understanding of the black holes and the universe as a whole. It’s interesting to know that in terms of chronological events, one is depending of another and it’s exactly what makes they seek for knowledge something WONDERFUL! Although there might be some kind of comparison between two important personalities of our History, I think that the answer would sound quite trivial. (by Iago Bojczuk)

I will have to lean towards Albert Einstein because his input is in the long-run more substantially important for humanity. He paved the way of today’s understanding of the universe/physics/life and he also set the rules future human deeds are going to be based in.” (by Max Ahumada)


What about YOU? Check out this post and let us know what your opinion is.



Tim Doner - the polyglot - Ethan

            Wow! You gotta see it to believe it! Tim Doner must be the top banana of language learners! How many languages are you able to speak? Four? Congrats, you da bomb! Nonetheless, Tim’s learning ability is out of this world… It’s something else!

Don’t feel worried or less capable of doing the same. If you wish to be like Tim Doner, the newest big cheese of language learning, I recommend that you develop strong daily habits concerning language learning and make your life your own classroom. Inspire yourself and inspire other learners.

Check out Ethan’s post for further information. If I were you, I’d also have a look at this video. You’ll be dumbfounded!



 Reincarnation - Laura


Do you believe in reincarnation? Coming back to the Earth has always been one of the most discussed ideas ever, mainly due to the long-term influence religions have been having on their followers. Let’s see what the following RLE members make of the current theme:

Everything is energy there are others dimensions….. that’s the reason we have telecommunications via electromagnetic waves (mobile phone) and all of us are using this way means one of this another dimension to communicate here in this chat. Currently the human been is learning how to interact with this invisible energy which always was there. Think about the energy that you because you are energy and tippy are always interacting with.” (by Rodrigo Mello)

No way. Not even in an “afterlife” The bible itself says it where it reads: “Dust to dust, ashes to ashes” (by Harld Castillo)

Religious its about beliefs, as much reincarnation. Arguments about beliefs are nonsense, some religions looks at naturally as reincarnation, and some religions looks at that like abomination, we can’t just start a speech of who is right or wrong. People just believe or not in something based in facts in their lives and how they were raised.” (by André Oliveira)

How can someone discuss reincarnation, a purely meta-physical concept, without touching base on religion? Also, each one’s creed has nothing to do with this, if we say we’re christians or muslims or hinduists, whatever, and we mention some of our values and beliefs I can’t see how that would offend someone, or if we’re supposing that we’re saying an absolute truth, as for the opposite I think it’s good to know other religious values that we can have a clear picture of how each religion works it’s ideology, in the topic of Reincarnation nobody here can claim to be providing the truth as none of us came back from the dead to prove it.” (by Guilherme B. Lamounier)

If you want to show us your opinion about reincarnation, check this post out, created by Laura A. Hill. Respect your mates in order to be respected.




 The RLE community embraces thousands of people from all over the world. So, I’ve decided to run a citizenship marathon, in which people discuss what they think about a country. I’m on cloud nine, since the RLE members have brought some quite interesting points of view in regards to some national territories. Click on the flags and check out what has been said about them:








Turkey - Ismail Dilmen


The United States of America

 why choose the US_1

New Zealand

 New Zealand - Marcelo Anicio







                                                                                                           Vietnam - Pent Niex Tapo Chung







  Kurdistan - Ardalan Surchi


France - Ethan





1)  The RLE team has just launched the 1st RLE QUOTES COMPETITION. If you want your very own quote to be recognized as the best one, I recommend that you get ready for the 2nd RLE QUOTES COMPETITION. Stay tuned!

RLE Quotes Competition


2) Cecilia B. Silveira-Marroquin has just been made administrator of the RLE community. She has been doing a remarkable work, and we do believe that her last achievement is well-deserved. Welcome aboard, Ceci!

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4) We’d like to wish our RLE Muslims members a blessed Ramadan. For further information about Ramadan 2013, check this article out.

 5) The fourth RLE Weekly Review is full of promises. However, I won’t spoil the surprise!

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