Commitments Page

[googlefont font=”Chewy” size=”38px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]By signing up for RealLife Fluency Coaching, I commit to:[/googlefont]

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[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Attend lesson with my coach every week at the pre-agreed upon time.

    • If I must reschedule a class, I will let my coach know a week before. We will do the same.

    • I understand that any missed class (for anything less than an emergency) will NOT be recuperated.

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time on hands[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Be punctual–we will be and expect the same from you.

[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Spend AT LEAST 20 minutes per day practicing English

[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Work hard and follow all of my coach’s recommendations seriously–understanding this will lead on the path to fluency.

    • We have spent many hours in order to create an ideal curriculum for you, which brings together all the best of our teaching experience. As such, you should be willing, and excited, to work just as hard!

    • No teacher, no matter how skilled, can make you fluent. Like on any fulfilling journey, we can show you the path, but you must carry yourself to reach your objective!

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open_mind[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Be open to experimenting with your learning. All of the best language learners and polyglots attribute their success to playing with the language and trying new things. Even if something that your coach assigns you sounds silly or ineffective, be willing to try everything.

[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Do ALL mandatory assignments.

[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Do whatever it takes and make no excuses!

[mini-icon icon=”ok-sign”] Be patient, and know that the journey to fluency is lifelong, not something that happens overnight.

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If you can commit to these, then we are excited to work together with you
and help you reach a new level of fluency, Aww Yeah!