English For Your International Career

handshake-business-man-personAre you looking for an international career?

Is the only thing stopping you from getting an amazing job in a big multinational company your lack of “business English?”

Well, good news! Business English and general English is actually the SAME THING!

Many people believe that business English is a super advanced way of speaking English and they will have to do some kind of advanced course to be able to speak it. Although business courses can definitely help you a lot, most of the time you can teach yourself just by reading up more on business subjects and preparing yourself with great resources.

Your success in English is much like your success in any business venture, you must be extremely prepared.

There are many online resources to help you prepare for many different business situations, but one that we at RealLife English recommend is Kaplan’s FREE International Career Guide E-book. It covers topics from structuring a CV in English and how to handle a phone interview to some acronyms you might find in your daily business life.

Take a look at the contents of this amazing resource below:

  • eBookCover (1)Phone interview tips and common interview questions
  • What is an internship good for and how do I get one?
  • What are the top job skills that international companies look for?
  • 10 tips for your job search
  • Writing a CV in English
  • English business abbreviations
  • Benefits of putting international experience on your CV
  • Take the stress our of writing a cover letter
  • Choosing an English proficiency exam
  • Guide to English language levels

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