Beyond Borders with Ethan is a talk show created to inspire and help English learners from across the globe. Through a series of interviews with some of the world’s most influential online teachers and guests, you will be able to rediscover the adventure of English learning. You can either watch snippets of them in video format or listen to the complete audio interviews. Are you ready? Aww yeah!

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Recent Video Interviews

Learn English with inspiring short lessons, where we some of the main takeaways of the interviews are highlighted.

Become FLUENT Like a NATIVE Speaker | Speak English with Tiffani

My guest Speak English with Tiffani will show you how you can speak English like a native speaker (she has amazingly been able to do this with Korean!). 

You HAVE to try this | Gavin Roy from SmallAdvantages

It can be very confusing to know what is the best way to learn English with so many resources and recommendations! In this video, language learning expert and English teacher Gavin Roy from SmallAdvantages and TadyGavin will share recommendations that have helped him speak three foreign languages fluently.

How To Improve Your English ALONE

There are so many resources, courses, and videos out there. It can be overwhelming to know how to improve your English! Especially if you want to do it alone, without a teacher. Veronika Mark has succeeded at achieving exceptional English speaking by herself, and today will share how.

Recent Video Lessons

Learn new vocabulary and pronunciation through interesting real-life conversations.

“Was” vs. “Has been” | Learn English with Tiffani

In this incredible lesson, Ethan discusses pursuing your passion with special guest Tiffani from learn English with Tiffani!

Do YOU Feel STRANGE Speaking English?

Gavin Roy from SmallAdvantages explains about how your personality can change when speaking another language, as will probably happen to you speaking English. You will also get some tips for teaching your children English!

2 Secrets Veronika Used To Achieve English Fluency | Learn English with Veronika Mark

Veronika Mark was able to get native-like English before she ever traveled to the USA! Today she will share with you how to make English speaking friends even if you don't live in an English-speaking country.