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How Do I Know If I'm Fluent In English? | Gabriel Wyner from Fluent Forever

Learners ask us all the time "How Do I Know If I'm Fluent In English?" Gabe Wyner has learned eight languages and written a book and created an app that help language learners become fluent forever! Today he joins me to answer this question.

This Is How You Answer This Interview Question

One of the scariest tests for your English can be a job interview. To make sure you are sufficiently prepared, today's guest will tell you how you answer tell me about yourself, along with other tips to make sure you WIN your next job interview!  

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Learn English And Improve Vocabulary Through Story: Culture Shock | Luke's English Podcast

Studying English can be boring and ineffective, that's why in this lesson you will learn English and improve vocabulary through story! Luke Thompson of Luke's English podcast joins me to discuss culture shock and strange French traditions!

You Will Not Believe This Place is in the USA | Learn ENGLISH with RealLife Conversation

If you are learning English, you probably have considered someday going on vacation in the USA. There is so much more to discover than just New York, Miami, and Hollywood. So in this lesson, discover some of the most spectacular parts of the USA while improving your vocabulary and pronunciation.  

“Was” vs. “Has been” | Learn English with Tiffani

In this incredible lesson, Ethan discusses pursuing your passion with special guest Tiffani from learn English with Tiffani!