Beyond Borders 13: From No English to Native-level, Veronika Shares her Top Secrets

My guest today is Veronika Mark, a language learner and YouTuber from Russia. On her YouTube channel, English with Veronika Mark, she shares the tips she applied on her own journey learning English for the past 6 years. Veronika speaks English and Chinese fluently, and also some French. She approaches a variety of topics, such as how you can keep motivated to learn English, where to find resources to enhance your learning experiences, and what to learn to go from intermediate to advanced.

I’m excited to bring you another story of success from an English learner. A crucial resource for Veronika to overcome her self-consciousness speaking English and communicate confidently was an English Speaking Club in Moscow, where she lives. She shared why this is so effective and how you can find one in your city. We discussed some of her essential routines, including bullet journaling, doing Yoga videos in English, and listening to podcasts and why it is so important that you create a language learning environment for yourself. She shared how to avoid getting stuck and continue expanding your knowledge of English once you are at an advanced level. She tells me about how it is different teaching her native language and teaching English. Her top piece of advice for learners is to have clear goals for your learning. She explains why. And so much more coming up in episode 13 of Beyond Borders!

Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Pop up
  • Dribble with journaling
  • Cyrillic alphabet
  • Brain dump
  • Strike a note
  • Bullet journal
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Couch-surfing
  • Backburner
  • BTS
  • Baked in
  • And many more in the app.

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