Beyond Borders #10: Relax, Enjoy and Learn: It’s about Connection, not Perfection | Lindsay from AllEars English

Lindsay, from All Ears English, is an American podcast host and producer, and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience teaching English as a Second language in Japan, Argentina, Guatemala, and the US. She believes in ‘connection, not perfection’ when it comes to learning English, and has inspired English language learners worldwide through her thriving podcast, All Ears English, which has been downloaded more than 200 million times!

This interview was so much fun! We started off talking about Lindsay’s experiences living abroad, particularly in Japan. If you are a perfectionist, then this will be great for you because Lindsay shared some things that helped her to overcome her own perfectionism in language learning. We talked about why it is important to learn about the culture, not just the language—even if you don’t plan to travel to another country. Lindsay and her colleagues are also IELTS experts! So if you plan to study for the exam, you will get some great tips here that can help you reach your goals. We finished with a fun new game where you can pick up some new advanced vocabulary.

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