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Hello, guys!! Awesome course!! I'm glad I finally decided to purchase it. I'm a huge fan of Friends, and I'm trying to improve my English skills. I wanna be a translator one day, so you can imagine that I have to gain a lot of fluency...! The Memrise app is great... I've learnt a lot of new words, and once in a while I review them. The webinar about this episode was really useful as well. Great job!

Betina G. Argentina

I was thrilled to realize that I’ve been a member of the Fluency Circle for almost three years! You can learn so much when ‘fun’ and a well-crafted program are involved! In addition to English, I always learn something new from my international friends. I can easily say I experience what global citizenship really is about. It makes me so proud to belong to this wonderful community that I treasure dearly! Not only do we practice English together, but we also learn how to respect diversity, nurture, and foster peace.

Cristina S. - Brazil

FWF has helped me to improve my level of listening in English in a remarkable way; Memrise has been a very useful tool; In short, I believe that this has been one of the best courses I have taken, given its simplicity and the way in which the materials are designed.

Roberto B. - Nicaragua