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Learn over 820 useful new expressions, slang, and phrasal verbs and actually remember them with the POWERFUL Anki Spaced Repetition system. 20 new expressions delivered every week with your lesson.


You may think it is difficult to understand native English because we speak so fast —but much more important than that is that we cut, shrink, and link our words. We will show you how to comprehend complex native pronunciation AND even begin to imitate it. 


With a different exciting topic every week, you will be learning the English that natives actually use in our every day lives. No scripted, boring conversations. 

What Students Are Saying About the Course?

I really enjoy your course because it makes me relaxed. I have fun and I feel engaged in your real life conversations. I enjoy a lot the TV series. I laugh and learn. I feel I'm killing two birds with a stone! I especially appreciate the explanation about connective speech. I have never had such explanations in any course before! I felt so stupid and frustrated since I cannot understand fast speaking native, despite my effort and English courses. You help. And you impress with original and funny idea.

Chiara M. Italy

Native Immersion / Fluent with Friends student

I must tell you that , reading transcript and listening to podcast is the best way to improve fluency and it is working for me. Now when I speak I see that I am speaking effortlessly and there is a flow to it and I am loving it. Also I have recently taken yearly communication assessment in my office and the instructor was quite happy with my performance. She said that the mother tongue influence has almost vanished from my speech. Practicing Real-life english has inculcated a certain amount of confidence within me that I can also speak like a native.

I also practice on anki vocab app.

Thank you so much for the amazing efforts you guys are putting in.

Kalpak A. - India

Native Immersion student

I enjoyed a lot the RealLife Native Immersion Course because every week you guys talked about different subjects in a funny and relaxed way... Particularly I enjoyed the variety of themes. And if you have lost some podcast, you can listen another time.

I used to listen to the podcast while driving to work and sometimes I listened each podcast for 2, 3 times. So, I subscribed to the RealLife Native Immersion Course and it was incredibly more efficient. So, after listening the podcast without any support, once a week I used to listen again, but this time using the power lesson transcript. It was really, very good.

The impact with the RealLife Native Immersion Course in my English journey is that I could turn English learning into part of my daily life.

Luciano B. - Brazil

Native Immersion student

What is inside the Native Immersion course

Power Lesson Learning Guides

More than 1500 pages with transcript, explaining EVERYTHING that from an intermediate-advanced point of view. Each Power Lesson Contains:

  • 100+ Native Vocabulary Explanations and Pictures explaining the most essential idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, collocations, and grammar.
  • 50+ Examples of Native Pronunciation Analysis of how natives really cut, connect, and eat their words.
  • Cultural Reference Notes for explanations of jokes cultural and historical context

Audio Lessons

Over 24 hours of audio — teaching you real, natural native English:

  • Download lessons and listen anywhere on any type of smartphone. It's the most convenient way to learn English.
  • A variety of topics teaching you real English that you will actually use!
  • Learn all about American and Australian culture without getting lost.

Fluency Circle Community

Exclusive lifetime access to our private international community of RealLife English students, both on Facebook and WhatsApp.

  • Make friends from around the world
  • Ask/ answer questions about the episode
  • Constant access to English conversation
  • Real speaking practice with partners and hangouts!

Memorization & Pronunciation Software

Weekly Anki vocabulary lessons teaching the 30 most useful idioms and connected speech phrases for each episode, with audio.

  • Makes a Game of Vocabulary Learning
  • Mobile App
  • 30 new words per week (1300 total words)
  • With Audio for Listening & Pronunciation

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Money Guarantee. If you are not happy with the lessons over the next 30 days, we will happily refund 100% of your money.

No quesions asked.

About the RealLife Guys

These lessons were developed out of our over 20 years of combined experience teaching and interacting with learners like yourself from every corner of the globe through building RealLife English.

Feedback from learners like you have helped us develop this podcast and make this the perfect course for understanding natural American English.

What even more students are saying about the course:

It works for me because, different to following other resources, we are dealing with real circumstances, current subjects, listening and observing natural people reactions, spontaneous humor, jokes, intonations and so on. It says to me “You see? In real word people (English speakers) really speak like that”. And then magic happens. You stop fighting with your brain, with the language, you absorb better new information. And it must be a permanent habit.

Almyr B.


Day by day, I found my listening and speaking improved. I’d like to say it’s absolutely the greatest lesson to learn connected speech and colloquial words and expressions. I love Anki audio files most, it has three parts, pronunciation, phrasal verbs, and connected speech, and each flashcard with audio files which helped me to remember the vocabulary easily and learn connected speech and intonation. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you should get it.

Betty H.


"I always love to listen to the podcast. It is informative, entertaining and funny. In combination with the Power Lessons, the podcast helps me to understand how American English pronunciation works and, as a consequence, my listening comprehension became better and better. The podcast was packed with information: Not only about pronunciation but also about colloquial expressions, when and how to use them, cultural information,  a ton of suggestions and tricks of how to include English in your daily life and so on.

Besides, sometimes I have the feeling that I’m sitting next to you and taking part in the conversation... it is just RealLife English... Aww Yeah!"

Claudia J.


I was thrilled to realize that I’ve been a member of the Fluency Circle for almost three years!

You can learn so much when ‘fun’ and a well-crafted program are involved! In addition to English, I always learn something new from my international friends.

I can easily say I experience what global citizenship really is about. It makes me so proud to belong to this wonderful community that I treasure dearly! Not only do we practice English together, but we also learn how to respect diversity, nurture, and foster peace.

Cris S.


Get the RealLife Native Immersion Course Now

41 weeks of lessons including:

  • 1500+ pages of Power Lesson Learning Guides
  • 24+ hours of fun, dynamic Audio Lessons
  • Mobile-friendly Vocabulary Training
  • Access to the Fluency Circle — Our exclusive global community of learners
  • Lifetime access to materials and community

41 weeks of lessons including:

  • 1500+ pages of Power Lesson Learning Guides
  • 24+ hours of fun, dynamic Audio Lessons
  • Mobile-friendly Vocabulary Training
  • Access to Fluency Circle — Our exclusive global community of learners
  • Lifetime access to materials and community

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