RealLife English App Testing Instructions

Welcome! Please read the instructions below for app download links, support info.

Sorry, the event already happened (but you can still download the app)

You may still download the app (the podcast section with transcripts is open, but not the speaking part is temporarily closed until the next event)

Below you'll find instructions on how to download the app, and if you have any issues, questions, feedback, feel free to get in touch by either (a) opening the support chat below, or (b) responding to one of the e-mails from us! 

1) Download the App

⚠️ IMPORTANT - The speaking part of the app is closed until the next event.
But we invite you to download the app and use the podcast section, which offers free transcripts! 

Download for Android

Open this instructions page on your phone and click the button below using the phone.

If you have used the app before and the link doesn't work, you might need to uninstall the app. Watch this video to find out how to do it.

I already have the app / How to Update

Open the link above and hit update to get the latest version.

Download for iPhone

Open this page on your phone and click the button below. You will need to:

  1. Click the button below to download TestFlight
  2. Click the button below again and scroll to step two to download the RealLife English app through TestFlight.

I already have the app / How to Update

Open TestFlight app and hit the Update button.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE - Our app is under development and can present some instability. Please provide all feedback and ideas through the app on Menu › Send Feedback or drop us a message on [email protected]

What do you can in the App:

Troubleshooting & Support

Check the questions below. If the FAQ didn't solve your issue, open the Support Chat (link below).

I see an "Update Required" screen

The app should be updated. Please follow the download and update instructions above.

On Speaking screen, the "Find Partner" button is disabled

We'll enable the speaking once the event starts. Try switch between Podcast and Speak screens to enable it after the event has started. After the event is over, we will only activate the speaking function for the next event (in a few weeks). 

Q: I am stuck on the "searching" screen

A: The reason is that all other participants should be on a call. Wait up to two minutes without leaving the search screen. If problems persists, leave the screen by pressing the "X" button on the top left corner, and then enter on the search again.

My connection was lost on the "connecting" screen

Please take note when this happens. If it's frequent, leave the screen with the "X" button on the top left corner, and then enter on the search again.

My camera isn't working (iPhones)

You denied camera access when the app asked it. To manually allow camera access open the phone Settings, scroll to to the bottom and tap RealLife English app. Allow microphone and camera by tapping on the switches.

Google Play Store says my device is not compatible (Android only)

The minimum required Android version is Marshmallow 6.0 (Level 23 API). If you have an old phone or an old Android version, consider updating it. Check how

App Store says the app requires iOS 13 or newer (iPhones only)

Our app is developed to support iOS 12, but since it is in testing phase, the TestFlight app is required to run in on iPhones. Unfortunately, TestFlight only runs on iOS13 or higher. 

My video or audio is/was bad

After the call ends, you'll see a confirmation if the call was good. If you had a problem, choose I had a problem, then Report Call Problems. Describe the issue with as many details as you can so we can investigate further. If you have frequent issues try switching to a Wi-Fi network and/or move close to your router.

What are the numbers I see on the bottom right corner?

This is your unique user identification. We'll only have it during the test phase, and it will only be asked if you need support.

I need other kind of support

Please check if your question isn't answered above. If it's not, click the button bellow to open the Support Chat, and then describe the issue you're having. Our team will assist you to solve it. Please take into consideration we might be assisting multiple people at once during the event, and we might not be able to answer you immediately.

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