We are looking for the right English Teacher to join our team and help us execute our company vision: To Create a World Beyond Borders

RealLife is an international social education startup dedicated to helping people make learning English a life-changing global adventure.

You will help us plan and star in fun and highly innovative English teaching videos that will amplify the already explosive growth of our two YouTube channels and podcast. 

join our team

You will join our marketing team as a part-time content producer and teacher, with future opportunities to become a full-time team member and expand your role into other areas. Most of your work will revolve around our YouTube Channels and podcast, which help learners to go beyond the classroom and live their English.

As part of an inbound marketing strategy, these videos are essential in driving sales of our premium courses. So far in 2020, we have continued to experience exponential growth, starting out 2019 at 300 thousand subscribers and now over three million subscribers on our first channel, Learn English with TV Series!

In addition to developing your audio-visual presentation and teaching skills, you will learn a ton about digital marketing, social media, and community building. Furthermore, as an early member of a quickly growing startup, you’ll have a firsthand experience of what it’s like to innovate and build a business from the ground up while helping us to evolve our vision for education. 


  • Native or C2 level English
  • Have at least 3 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language
  • To be intuitively aligned with the RealLife English methodology, and also passionate about innovations within the field of education and EFL
  • Professional and demonstrable experience creating various types of content
  • Ability to collaborate as a part of a Video Production team and work in a structured way with the procedure to meet deadlines
  • Be able to work from home office--disciplined, organized and able to work independently, managing your time, and balancing your work and life to bring your best self every day.
  • You do what you say you are going to do without excuses and promptly communicate when the unexpected happens
  • Intuitively understand the vision and the bigger picture of English as a communication to tool


  • Understand and adapt to our content creation process and consistently produce (at least) one video and podcast per week
  • Increase overall video engagement through improvements in viewer experience to help us increase subscribes and opt-ins 
  • Understand the competitive landscape as well as our audience’s needs and dreams, bringing viral content ideas to help our channels be world-class   

“NICE TO HAVE” EXPERIENCE (Helpful But Not Absolutely Necessary)

  • Strong experience learning foreign languages
  • Video Production (camera, lighting, sound, etc.)
  • Acting/ Comfortable and charismatic in front of a camera or on audio
  • Toastmasters or similar organizations or presentation experience
  • Entrepreneurial interest or experience


  • High Integrity: You’re ethical, transparent, do what you say you will do
  • Proactive: You own your work, act without being told what to do, bring new ideas, and pride yourself in going above and beyond what is expected
  • Communicative: Prompt and clear communication, able to take and give honest feedback with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • You strive to be the best version of yourself: You cultivate optimal habits in your personal and professional life to show up at your best every day and consistently improve
  • Voracious Learner: Extremely curious and passionate about stretching the mind and acquiring new knowledge and skills


  • Competitive Compensation
  • Remote Work/ Home Office
  • Future opportunities to grow with the company and earn performance-based stock options
  • Periodic Company Retreats (including all travel and expenses--below are some pictures from our 2020 retreat in Rio de Janeiro)
RealLife Team
rle team


RealLife makes learning English a life-changing global adventure by creating experiences that inspire, connect, and empower learners to step outside the classroom and not just learn English, but LIVE it.

Our plan is to help tens of millions of learners use English in the real world to realize their full potential as globally conscious human beings, awake to the realization that no matter what divides us, what unites us is far greater.

Our Vision: to Create a World Beyond Borders

The launch pad for this vision is our multi-platform content: YouTube, blog, and podcast audience (which attract over 5 million visitors per month), and our global community of students and customers, who are the heart and soul of our business.

And finally, our rocket ship, the Twin Pillars of our Product Line:

Our YouTube Channel Learn English with TV Series, which helps learners go beyond the classroom and live their English. With over 200 videos and 3.3 Million subscribers, this is where we are currently making the biggest impact. YouTube helps us to market our Native Fluency Courses, which teach students to understand and use native English in their daily lives, by making it fun, natural, and convenient. “Fluent with Friends” uses the Friends TV series as the source material, while the “Native Immersion” course offers podcasts and other materials taught by us, following our unique, imaginative methodology.

I’d invite you to check out a recent video from each of our channels...

This inbound marketing funnel is helping us to build the Global Adventure, which is a Social English Learning App connecting learners from around the world for speaking practice and cultural exchange via short, randomized video chats. In addition, the app will help to give learners a whole new, profound learning experience with our popular videos. The first version (see video below), which was free to the public, accumulated more than 20,000 users in just 6 months. Our newest version is in private beta (testing), and we are dedicating more and more resources to bring this public.


We are a small group of globally minded teachers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, distributed across the world, but united by a singular vision and a common set of values.

We are world travelers and language learners, meditators, runners, cyclists, dancers, and life-long learners who are constantly striving to reinvent ourselves and make life and work an adventure.

We value diversity, so you don’t need to be a copy of us, but if you are curious, with a growth mindset, and would like to work in an environment that cultivates your best self, then you will feel right at home working with us.


Make sure you read this entire job posting (above), then click on the "Apply Now" button below and answer the questions as best as you can. We will also ask you for your CV/ resumé.

If you have any questions, please write us an e-mail at [email protected] and if you know anybody who would be good for this position, please share it with them!