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    hi, I am shelia. I found your website from twitter. I liked it immediately after I read it. I love the idea ”real life”.
    In my school days, we did not learn too much practical expressions and words. And this webiste provides me with a fresh view of English.
    But what a pity! Why is there no Chinese (mandarin) version of your website? There are a large number of English learners in China. However, most of them have some limited stock of vocabulary. They cannot understand English website very well. I think, it would be very helpful if you also provided a Chinese version.

    • Justin on March 25, 2014 at 2:39 pm

      Hey Sheila, Thanks for your nice comment. I’m glad our site is useful for you. Yeah, we’d love to expand our language selection to include Mandarin, but unfortunately the opportunity hasn’t presented itself and we stopped focusing so much on translations for the time being. But maybe this is a future option! Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  17. […] are many English learners, especially the young ones, who often use slang or texting language. They are only trying to show that they have a hold on idiomatic language, but […]

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