We're Making Some BIG Changes!


The RealLife Global platform is temporarily unavailable while we make some BIG improvements!

If you are already a member you will be notified as soon as we are ready. If not, sign up below and we will let you know as soon as we're back. 

Want can you expect to get from the new RealLife Global?


Become a Global Citizen

Your opportunity to connect with the world! Expand your global perspective, have an intercultural experience, and practice your English with cool people.


Develop International Friendships

Make REAL friends online! Develop friendships based on interest, personality, and even English level to maximize learning.

Increase Your Speaking Confidence

Stop being so shy and quickly start feeling much more confident with your English level.


Learn English the RealLife Way

Increase your English vocabulary, pronunciation, and get tons of grammar and structural tips to excel your speaking 

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