Say hi to the RealLife Team

Founded by three passionate, world traveling, native speaking English teachers, RealLife is a community based learning portal whose mission is to inspire, empower, and connect the world through English, both online and in-person.  

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Justin Murray


Originally from Washington State,USA


Ethan Wanger


Originally from Colorado, USA


Chad Fishwick


Originally from Perth, Western Australia.

RealLife is a Social English Learning community that Connects English Learners from all over the world, both online and in-person.


We believe that English should not be learned as a dry and boring school subject, but as an inspiring and enriching lifestyle that expands your perspective on language, life, and the world. Everything we do is designed to help you connect your learning to your life, and to help you reach your full potential, not only as a language learner, but also as a human being.

We do this through the RealLife Blog, which contains a small library of top quality learning materials, the RealLife Fluency Center, and the RealLife Global Movement. This page will introduce and explore the different aspects of this project (click on link to jump to corresponding section):

RealLife Blog: Learning Materials & Global Movement

The RealLife Blog is our vehicle for providing learners with a constant supply of support and inspiration through a rich variety of fun and effective learning materials. This includes articles, audio podcasts, and video lessons (from our Youtube Channel, RealLife TV), all teaching English in unique and imaginative ways.

These materials fit within a huge range of topics including: pronunciation, listening, phrasal verbs, idioms & slang, grammar, Lifestyle English (learning with music, TV/movies, etc), the psychology of language learning, swear words, cultural fluency, AND we also show you how to organize your own language learning meetups as part of the RealLife Global Movement.

International Online Community: Social Learning

At the very heart of RealLife is community. We strongly believe that learning a language should be a social experience, and that the only way to develop true lifelong fluency is to place your learning in the context of authentic, meaningful relationships.

This means that you need to find people who support and encourage your learning, people you can practice with, and people you feel connected to. We are very proud to report that the RealLife Online Community is one the very best English learning communities in the world.